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Cowboys receiver’s dog-napping saga includes an odd twist

Could this fall under the category of no such thing as bad publicity?

Boogotti Kasino, the Fort Worth rapper at the center of the dog-napping fiasco involving a pit bull pup owned by Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead, has used all the attention, and scorn he’s received from the possibly criminal affair to promote the arrival of a new mix tape later this month. And, apparently, to raise the price of his musical services.

Twitter and Facebook provide evidence but standards of decency, not to mention literacy, prevent that.

The bizarre situation began with Whitehead’s Instagram post on Sunday that said someone had entered his house while he was out of town and taken, among other items, his new puppy, Blitz. Whitehead said that he had received calls asking for $10,000 to have the dog returned.

A video tweeted Monday by Kasino showed him and other people in a room with a dog that Whitehead confirmed to be his. Kasino continually demands money while name-dropping Whitehead, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and owner Jerry Jones.

He denied stealing the dog and said he wanted back the money he paid for Blitz to a person he described as a former girlfriend of Whitehead’s.

Eventually the dog was returned to Whitehead early Tuesday, much to the relief of the Cowboys player.

“I couldn’t fathom the thought of my boy gone, and I didn’t think I’d turn to social media for help; I am so glad I did!” Whitehead wrote on Twitter. “... To the monsters who did this: you know who you are. All I have to say is thank you for not hurting my boy.”

Kasino, in a Facebook post Tuesday, said he “took a lost on the money but [expletive] not trippin it’s cool it’s just good to see me n [my friends] do something good.”

That sentiment is open to interpretation, and hopefully investigation.

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