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Cowboys' Tyrone Crawford talks Tony Romo, free agent departures

Tyrone Crawford is confident he’ll regain his top form next season despite undergoing his second consecutive off-season shoulder surgery.

Crawford had his right shoulder worked on after the 2015 season, and his left shoulder after this season. This time around the surgery was a little more significant, because it required more work.

But Crawford, who had 4.5 sacks last season, was in good spirits on Friday as he worked with Shawnee Trail Elementary students at an assembly. He spoke on a variety of topics with reporters before the event.

On being optimistic after undergoing shoulder surgery: With the way my shoulders have been treating me these last couple of years I’m pretty confident I can bounce back. Almost the same kind of injury last year and bounced back. Just hoping it goes well and just leaving it in God’s hands.

On if he’ll play end or switch back to tackle next season: Man, I have these questions every off-season. It seems I feel like I know what I’m about to do then it happens to change on me. I’m going to be ready for anything. It is what it is at this point. If I’m a jump-around guy, I’m a jump-around guy.

On several defensive players leaving via free agency: Lot of guys that I’ve grown to love, these guys are my brothers. It’s tough to see them go, but I’m also happy for them. It’s good for their brand, good for their career and that’s what’s important to me for them to go after what they really want to do and that’s what they really want to do.

On trusting the front office to rebuild D: Yeah, we have good ownership and good people around the organization who I just trust. We have a plan. With the defense that we run, [defensive coordinator Rod] Marinelli is going to get a guy in there and he’s going to have him doing the right thing anyway. I’m excited for next year. I’m ready for it. I’m not worried about what’s happening this off-season and free agency and stuff. Just excited to get going.

On Tony Romo being held in limbo: Yeah, Tony’s my guy. Love him to death and just want what’s best for him. A lot of the fans and everything are about Cowboys Nation and so am I. But I’m also about Tony Romo and what’s best for him and his family. That’s a good friend of mine. Obviously I think about the person more than I think about what everyone is talking about. I definitely want whatever is best for Tony at this point.

On importance of giving back like he did Friday: I just love to get out there and try to get kids at a young age. I always wish I would have learned a lot of the things I’ve learned at a younger age going into my athletic career. … I’m passionate about trying to get kids to understand what they need to do at a young age so they can grow up and just be monsters on the field and on the court and whatever they want to do.

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