Dallas Cowboys

Her fiance dumped her via text, so she got revenge at Cowboys game

A Dallas Cowboys fan attending Monday night’s game gave a public message to her ex-fiance, who broke up with her in a text message in late October.

For his Christmas present, Brenna Clanton bought her fiance tickets to the Dallas Cowboys’ game Monday night against the Detroit Lions. Before he found out what she got him, he ended their engagement without so much as a phone call, according to an interview with The Dallas Morning News.

She attended the game anyway, with a sign that read: “My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas.”

Alex McDaniel, an editor for The Oxford Eagle and Oxford Magazine in Mississippi, saw Clanton and posted a photo of her and her sign on Twitter.

“She’s doing fine,” McDaniel added in her tweet.

Clanton, an Austin hairstylist, told the Morning News that she had gotten the tickets and booked an Airbnb for the game. But a week later, her fiance sent her a break-up text.

“That threw me for a loop,” she told the newspaper.

Part of his reasoning was that they had “nothing in common,” which she added to her sign as a hashtag.

Clanton told the Morning News she had no trouble deciding whether to go to the game without him.

“I was absolutely going to go,” the lifelong Cowboys fan said in the interview. “I was just going to take my best friend instead.”

Besides acquiring some internet fame, Clanton got to see the Cowboys beat the Lions 42-21.

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