Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys QB Prescott tuning out the noise, focused on sharpening game

Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott would be a perfect candidate for those Beats by Dre commercials right now.

You know the ones where fans or opponents are screaming all around, but the player doesn’t hear anything because of the quality of the noise-canceling head phones.

The good thing for the Cowboys and Prescott is that he never lets the noise get to him anyway.

He ignored it when things were going well, namely during a glorious start to the season when he led the Cowboys’ to an 11-game winning streak and took the starting job away from former Pro Bowler Tony Romo.

And he’s definitely got his noise-canceling module on now, following his worst performance of the season in a 10-7 loss to the New York Giants that has many fans calling him to be benched in favor of Romo and owner Jerry Jones calling it a legitimate conversation.

How does he avoid it?

“Don't put myself in a situation to hear,” said Prescott, who completed 17 of 37 passes for 165 yards with two interceptions and season-low quarterback rating of 45.1 against the Giants. “Don't go on Twitter. Don't go hanging out asking fans opinions or anything. Just hang out and be myself.”

What about family members?

“Family definitely knows not to come to me with he said, she said,” he said. “They know how I react. If they say something, I usually don't respond to them. So they know.

“It's noise. No matter if it’s good or bad. No matter if it's success or adversity. It is all noise. It doesn't affect what I do or how I feel each and every day or how I go about practice. I just have to stay focused. I know what I can do. I just have to continue to do that.”

Prescott said dealing with noise from the outside comes with being a member of the Cowboys, especially when you play quarterback.

He knew that from the moment he was drafted in the fourth round out Mississippi State. So he hasn’t needed any special pep talks from the coaches or teammates this week.

“They know how I come in and how I am about each and every day,” Prescott said. “And the noise just didn't start. This is the Dallas Cowboys. There has been noise ever since I have been drafted. So nothing really changes. I don't think they need to come in and reinstate their confidence in me. They know the person I am. I'm going to keep working and get better.”

That's the part of Prescott that has impressed the Cowboys from the beginning. That’s what made him so successful and it’s why coach Jason Garrett is confident he will bounce back with a better game Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I just think that’s what he does best,” Garrett said of Prescott’s ability to respond. “There are a number of different situations he’s been confronted with over the course of the year that he just handles, handles them really well during the game, handles them really well from week to week.”

Wide receiver Cole Beasley said the rest of the team also believes Prescott will bounce back. But he said they all must bounce back with better games to help him.

“In that last game, it wasn’t anybody’s best game really. But throughout the game his demeanor never changed. He’s the same guy playing well, or having an off game,” Beasley said. “That’s what you like to see. Anytime you can see a guy fight through it like that, guys are going to follow. He’ll definitely bounce back, he’s a heck of a competitor, heck of a player and we’ve got to help him.”

Prescott acknowledges he didn’t have his best performance against the Giants.

“I kind of got a little impatient,” Prescott said. “I wouldn't say I was too up or too down at any moment. I wanted to make a big play. I think I was a little anxious to do that instead of taking what they gave us.”

Prescott said he is not looking over his shoulder or worried about getting benched in favor of Romo following one bad game "that all players have", including veterans.

“It’s all about doing your job and doing it the best you can,” Prescott said. “That’s it. Bottom line.

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