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Even Hall of Famer Troy Aikman says this is Dak Prescott's team now

Fox sports caster and former Dallas Cowboys great Troy Aikman got a close look at rookie Dak Prescott on Sunday against Green Bay.
Fox sports caster and former Dallas Cowboys great Troy Aikman got a close look at rookie Dak Prescott on Sunday against Green Bay. mfaulkner@star-telegram.com

GREEN BAY, Wisc. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is still kicking the can down the road in regards to the impending quarterback decision between sensational rookie Dak Prescott, who has led the Cowboys to five consecutive wins, and injured former Pro Bowler Tony Romo, who is the team's all-time leading passer.

Romo is expected to return from his fractured back for the Nov. 6 game against the Cleveland Browns. But will he return to the starting lineup?

“We’re going to have a very, very, very good situation to make decisions around and nothing I’d rather do than go into the last half of the season with a ready to go Tony Romo and a winning Dak Prescott,” Jones said. “I dream of being able to make that decision. We’re not there right now, by the way. We are not there.”

Jones is simply trying to buy time.

However, former Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said the decision has already been made.

Prescott has taken the question out of the Cowboys hands after wins against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Green Bay Packers the past weeks. He said the Cowboys shouldn't make the mistake of disrupting the team chemistry or winning momentum they have established with Prescott.

"Can he win the job? I think he has won the job," Aikman said on the Dan Patrick radio show Monday morning.

"To get the momentum and confidence that this team is currently playing with is hard to do. Why they would risk disrupting the momentum that they have is beyond me, and I don't think that they will. Every test that [Prescott has] been given he has passed with flying colors, and I can't imagine him not being the guy. I don't know how you sell that to the rest of the club when you're playing the way that they are."

Aikman is a long-time Romo supporter. He has gone on record ardently defending Romo in the past and has even said that Romo was more talented than the three-time Super Bowl champion ever was.

He admitted to being skeptical about Prescott before the season and was still committed to Romo returning to the starting job when he recovered from the fractured bone in his back as late as two weeks ago.

But that all changed with blowout victory against the Bengals followed by Prescott's brilliant showing in the victory at Green Bay on Sunday.

"There was a time just a couple of weeks ago that I thought when Tony was healthy, they would go back to him, but that was before they played Cincinnati last week," Aikman said. "And I think most people, me included, felt that, 'OK now he's going to play a really good team, a perennial playoff team in Cincinnati.' He passed that test, they played great, they embarrassed Cincinnati defensively. And then they have to go on the road against the Packers in Lambeau and these are going to be some tests. Not only will we get an idea of where Dak is, we'll get an idea of just where this team is. And they dismantled Green Bay."

Aikman is not alone in his sentiment. Former Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach made similar comments last week and Hall of Famer running back Emmitt Smith echoed similar thoughts on Twitter Sunday.

"Don't mess with good chemistry!!!", Smith said in regards to the Prescott-Romo decision.

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