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Another Cowboys win, another reason for the Dak bandwagon

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott does his best to crash a postgame interview between quarterback Dak Prescott and Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews.
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott does his best to crash a postgame interview between quarterback Dak Prescott and Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

Clearly, it’s time to take the training wheels off the Dak Prescott bandwagon.

It rolled through one of the NFL’s most hallowed venues, Lambeau Field, on Sunday and barely tapped the brakes.

And when the day’s business was done, Prescott ascended the interview-room podium and even allowed himself to crack a few jokes.

Did you hear the one about the rookie quarterback who threw for three touchdowns and beat the Green Bay Packers 30-16?

“I had dreams of playing in Lambeau Field,” said Prescott, who wears jersey No. 4 for the Dallas Cowboys. “But I can’t say I ever thought it would be Brett Favre’s day.

“I saw a lot of ‘4’ jerseys, so kinda in my head I thought the Packers’ fans were for me. I tricked myself.”

Prescott also was self-assured enough to shrug away a question about his career’s first NFL interception.

“It was bad on my part,” Prescott explained. “[Jason] Witten was doing the right thing. I just made a bad throw. It happens.

“Get that out of the way now.”

He meant the runaway attention that his first-year no-interceptions streak had spawned. After 177 passes, the streak came to an end on the next-to-last snap of the third quarter.

“So start another one up,” Prescott joked.

It wasn’t Saturday Night Live material, but Prescott’s casual demeanor continues to be disarming.

“I thought Dak was outstanding,” coach Jason Garrett said. “It wasn’t always the cleanest for him, but just his ability to respond to the different situations, the poise and composure, was outstanding.”

Even after throwing the interception, Prescott didn’t seem fazed.

“It didn’t surprise us one bit that he’d respond the right way to that,” Garrett said. “He made a lot of big plays in the ballgame after that.”

The Packers chose Sunday to honor Favre, who wore his No. 4 for 16 seasons in Green Bay.

But it was Prescott, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys’ defense that stole the spotlight.

There is no avoiding the elephant in the room now. Even though Favre’s successor, Aaron Rodgers, was inconsistent for much of the day, the Packers were roundly viewed as a worthy test for the Cowboys’ first-year quarterback.

And he aced that test.

“There is no question that Dak and Zeke are inspiring the rest of the team,” owner Jerry Jones said. “This game is a lot about that.

“I’ll assure you one thing — as much as I believe in motivation and passion, I’m not for doing anything that would throw cold water on that.”

Do either Jones or Garrett have to formally hand the starting job to Prescott to make the decision complete?

No, that might be messy. There are ways that Owner Jones can couch the personnel change without ending up on the CBS Evening News.

The more Prescott plays, for example, the more outcomes that Jones and Garrett have to not only judge him on, but also to praise him for.

But the reasons continue to grow.

Six games are under Prescott’s young belt. Under his rookie hand, the Cowboys have the second-best record in the NFC.

The bandwagon is rolling. The evidence is mounting.

This team, this 5-1 Cowboys team, is Dak Prescott’s team. To try to alter it or suggest otherwise would be, well, just a joke.

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