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As official as it gets: Mavs owner says fans won’t want to miss Dirk’s finale

There has been no official announcement and there is unlikely to be one the final five games of the season.

But Dallas Mavericks fans wishing to say goodbye to legend Dirk Nowitzki shouldn’t miss the last game at American Airlines Center on April 9, according to owner Mark Cuban.

It’s the Mavs’ regular-season home finale against the Phoenix Suns and although Nowitzki hasn’t announced this will be his final season, all signs point to this being it.

“If you can get here for that last game, you want to be here for that last game,” Cuban said. “It’s going to be a special night whether he wants it or likes it or not.”

Of course, Cuban is referring to Nowitzki’s penchant for keeping his potential retirement as low profile as possible.

The prospect of owning the team without Nowitzki on the floor has Cuban lamenting his departure.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking in a lot of respects,” Cuban said. “Every game I’ve seen since I bought the team he’s been apart of the team so it’s going to be something completely different and I’m not looking forward to it at all.”

The various tributes and appreciation fans have shown on the road throughout the league has been special, he said.

But Cuban insists Nowitzki will remain with the team in some official capacity after his playing days over.

“The good news is, the best part of his life is yet to come. As much as basketball has been his identity and who he is, as we know him, for those of us who know him well, there’s so much more to him,” he said. “So part of me is actually excited to see that part of him.”

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