Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks’ new locker room facility spares no expense or scent

Facial recognition security at the entrance, special lighting to enhance alertness, and fortified oxygenation to keep the air as clean as humanly possible.

These are just some of the state-of-the-art additions to the Dallas Mavericks’ remodeled locker room and training facility unveiled Saturday afternoon at American Airlines Center.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban helped show off the new digs, that includes special aroma therapy enhancements in the air conditioning to reflect the mood and time of day, say, pregame or postgame.

“I’m always about trying to get an edge, anything to help the Mavs win,” said Cuban, who didn’t divulge the costs of the renovations. “It wasn’t just about the equipment and the training room. It was about what else can be done to give ourselves a competitive advantage.”

That includes antimicrobial lockers for each player that include details such as the Dallas skyline cut into the hangers which hold a player’s jerseys.

Cuban said the design team enlisted the help of the scientists behind casino design and how they keep people alert and staying engaged 24 hours a day. That includes lighting and color that enhance alertness.

“We reached out to some scientists that worked heavily with casinos [to find out] what do they do with light and color, oxygenating the room,” said Cuban, who joked that he and Dirk Nowitzki have spent “too many hours” in casinos. “We noticed that it keeps us up, otherwise we’d be in bed by 11 p.m.”

Each player’s locker has multiple USB stations and pullout trays for their shoes and workout clothes. The lighting scheme in the locker room will change between pregame and postgame to help invigorate (pre) and relax (post).

In the weight room area, the Mavs’ 2011 NBA championship trophy is on display with a special feature that coach Rick Carlisle interjected into the media tour: Blue-lit dots and dashes spell out Dallas Mavericks in Morse code.

“Some stuff that seems kind of crazy or off the wall, but we tried to take every bit of research that we could find that applies to improving athletic performances,” Cuban said.

One thing, however, remains the same, Cuban added. He’ll continue to ride the StairMaster while taking questions from the media.

“I will still sweat on you while I answer questions,” he joked.

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