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Strikeouts rise again, stolen bases drop way down and other surprising MLB totals for 2019

It doesn’t just feel like more batters strikeout nowadays.

For the 12th consecutive season the total number of strikeouts in the major leagues hit another all-time high in 2019.

There were 42,823 strikeouts this season, up 1,516 from a year ago, which was the previous record. Strikeouts have been rising every season since 2008.

Batters were hit by a pitch 1,984 times, which was 62 more than the previous record set last season.

Of course, home runs were at an all-time high in 2019, too. The league hit a record 6,776 homers, up 671 from the previous record set in 2017.

Notable 2019 MLB regular-season batting totals:

.252 batting average — Up four points from 2018, but still the 122nd lowest in MLB history.

42,040 hits — 21st most in history.

8,531 doubles — 13th most in history.

785 triples — 62 fewer than 2018.

6,776 home runs — An all-time record, passing 2017 by 671 homers.

2,280 stolen bases — Fewest in a non-strike season since 1973.

42,823 strikeouts — An all-time record and has increased the past 12 season.

15,895 walks — Tenth most in history.

Notable 2019 MLB regular-season pitching totals:

45 complete games — Up three from 2018, but still the second-fewest in history.

26 shutouts — Up seven from ‘18, but still the eighth-fewest in history.

1,788 wild pitches — Fifth-most in history. Seven of the past eight seasons are among the top eight all-time.

753 intentional walks — 176 fewer than 2018 and the fewest since 1961.

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