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Woodward says this decision from Rangers’ opening week might be one he ends up regretting

It didn’t take a rocket scientist, or even just some regular scientist, to tell a week ago that Shin-Soo Choo was less than enthused about the decision to leave him out of the Texas Rangers’ Opening Day lineup.

As hard as he tried to tell the media to ask manager Chris Woodward about the decision and not him, he did say that he believes he is an everyday player even though the left-handed hitter was sitting against Chicago Cubs lefty Jon Lester.

Hunter Pence, a right-handed hitter, started at designated hitter, and far bigger problems presented themselves as the Cubs rolled to a 12-4 victory.

A week later, Woodward confessed that his decision might have been a mistake.

“I might have screwed that one up,” Woodward said Thursday before the Rangers faced the Los Angeles Angels. “Choo probably deserved to play Opening Day. ... I might, later on in my managerial days, look back and say, ‘I should have played Choo on Opening Day.’”

Woodward explained that he wanted to get Pence at-bats early in the season to avoid him sitting for a long spell. At some point, Pence is going to help the Rangers win games, and Choo understands that.

The same can be said of Logan Forsythe, who could spell Ronald Guzman twice on this six-game road trip.

“Choo was not happy about playing Opening Day, but he’s very very selfless guy,” Woodward said. “He wanted to play because he feels like he’s good, but he was like, ‘Woody, I will do everything I can for this team.’ And he means it.”

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