Girls Basketball

Here’s how Summit is in the playoff hunt even after losing six seniors

Mansfield Summit Lady Jaguars Tommisha Lampkin (23) in action last season. Lampkin is a leader this year as just a sophomore.
Mansfield Summit Lady Jaguars Tommisha Lampkin (23) in action last season. Lampkin is a leader this year as just a sophomore. Special to the Star-Telegram

When Tommisha “Misha” Lampkin joined the varsity girls basketball program at Mansfield Summit, she took a lot of advice.

With a year under her belt and a Co-Newcomer of the Year honor for her effort last season as a freshman, she’s giving out as much advice as she’s receiving. She shared the newcomer award with her long-time friend, Harmoni Turner of Legacy.

The Lady Jaguars’ leading scorer is helping her team post a strong early district-season showing. Summit was 6-2 in district heading into Tuesday’s showdown with Waxahachie.

Lampkin’s improvement has come over the course of a busy off-season, where she admitted she took just two weeks off since the conclusion of last season.

“I get bored when I’m not playing,” she said.

That time spent with teammates has also improved team chemistry which Lampkin said has sensed a boost from last year. Coupled with just two freshmen this year, the Summit bonding is strong.

After losing six seniors, Lampkin said the chemistry wasn’t there initially, but it has grown considerably.

“It shows on the court as the season goes on,” she said.

Lampkin is playing in a post or forward position, mostly out of necessity and to make use of her 6-2 frame.

She said that her mid-range jumper is much improved from last year, and she’s continuing to work on her ball-handling.

But she sees some upside from playing down low.

“Half the girls at post aren’t as quick as me for that position,” Lampkin said. “If I get my guard skills where I want them to be, I’ll be a tough match-up.”

She said those that know her don’t think of her as a post player.

Lampkin said this year’s edition of the Lady Jags is maybe a bit smaller, but they’re using it to their advantage.

“If I’m in the post, we are working on transition scoring, and no one can keep up with us. We’re too fast,” she said. “The main part of our offense is trying to get to the transition (score) first.”

As it is, Lampkin is averaging about 17 points per game and 10 rebounds.

That’s not far off her personal goal she set for the season of 20 and 15.

“She has shown a lot of growth and maturity from the end of last season to this season and has developed a more consistent shot,” said Summit head coach Dawn Mailloux-Smith.

Her routine to help keep the upward trajectory for herself and team is consistent, though.

“I listen to a lot of good music and pray,” Lampkin said of her pregame rituals. “The music varies by how I’m feeling. I mix it up, but not too much upbeat music or I’ll run my energy out by dancing.”