‘Stronger and faster than people think.’ TCU ex KaVontae Turpin could impress at workout

TCU isn’t going to let KaVontae Turpin go through the school’s Pro Day today.

Turpin still has multiple domestic violence charges pending, prompting TCU to take the uncharacteristic route of banning a former player from participating in its Pro Day.

But Turpin is expected to showcase his talents in front of NFL scouts and evaluators at a private workout in the area afterward. Fellow players who have worked out with him this offseason believe he’ll turn heads.

“Turp has looked really good,” said Texas linebacker Gary Johnson, who prepared for the NFL Combine and the Longhorns’ Pro Day with Turpin at APEC in Fort Worth.

“He’s definitely stronger and faster than a lot of people think. He’ll have a good workout.”

Johnson has seen the 5-foot-9, 165-pound Turpin dead lift almost 700 pounds, and knows speed won’t be an issue. Johnson and Turpin were among the fastest training at APEC, as each has a sprinting background.

Johnson ran a 4.43-second 40-yard dash at the Combine last month, although he and Turpin go back and forth on who is faster.

“We never really got side by side and raced,” Johnson said. “I wanted to. I feel like I am faster. I joke with him a lot that I’m faster than him, but we never got the opportunity to showcase it.”

Turpin hopes to showcase his speed and athleticism during his workout Friday. His tape speaks for itself, as he became TCU’s best returner in program history.

But his size and legal issues are hurdles he’ll have to overcome to fulfill his pro dreams.

Johnson is confident in Turpin’s ability to do just that.

“He’s so little and a lot of people feel like he’s just a quick, shifty guy,” Johnson said. “But that guy is strong and powerful. You wouldn’t see that unless you were there training with him. You can see it from a football standpoint, whether it’s him making a guy miss or pressuring a guy off him. But, as far as his full potential and strength and power, you don’t see that until you train with him.

“Once I heard what happened with him [off the field] and then found out he was training at APEC too, it was good to see that guy was getting another chance, doing what I know he loves doing. It was awesome getting to train with him.”

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