You’ll never guess which state has the most stressed out parents with youth athletes

Sports in Texas is a big deal, so much so that parents in this state are the most stressed, according to a recent survey.

FlipGive, a Toronto-based company aimed toward lessening the burden of parents with youth athletes, recently released a survey of 600 Americans and the stress they deal with providing for their child’s athletics.

Texas ranked as the most stressed state with 100 percent on their Sports Stress Index while California was second.

According to FlipGive, 74 percent of American parents believe youth sports to be too expensive while 38 percent say this was their main cause of stress. 22 percent of Americans point to team and league fees in particular as a major cause of stress.

Time commitment of youth sports is another big stress factor to 40 percent of the parents.

Gear and travel is another reason with 42 percent of parents saying gear is the most expensive part of participation while 21 percent leaned toward the cost of travel to away games.

The FlipGive Sports Stress Index

1. Texas- 100%

2. California- 97%

3. Georgia- 96%

4. Florida- 94%

5. New Mexico- 92%

6. Arkansas- 91%

7. Illinois- 86%

8. Oklahoma- 84%

9. Pennsylvania- 78%

10. Kentucky- 76%

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