Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on saving pets; immigration and the tax plan

Immigrants who turned themselves in wait to be processed April 2 near McAllen.
Immigrants who turned themselves in wait to be processed April 2 near McAllen. REUTERS

Spay and neuter pets to reduce euthanasia

Thank you to the Star-Telegram for their editorial raising awareness of overcrowding at the Fort Worth animal shelter, and the need for adopting, fostering, and volunteering.

However, I missed the recommendation that spaying and neutering would greatly reduce the recurrence of this sad situation.

The answer is not additional animal shelters. The answer is less unexpected, unwanted, and uncared-for litters. Become part of the solution, not the problem. Please: Spay and neuter your animals.

—Gloria Walker, Euless

Build the wall

Have we become a land of fools? Mrs. Mejia and her son from Guatemala enter the U.S. illegally and are now suing the Trump administration for child separation (per your article in 6/21 edition).

She had to know full well that her son would be taken away from her when she chose to enter the US illegally!

Forget the fact that she and her son (and others like her) are being housed, fed, given medical attention and education at the expense of the American taxpayers.

To all you bleeding-heart liberals, if you want to pay for all these costs, please do so. As for me and any wise thinking Americans, it is time to stop all this illegal immigration and build a wall!

—Angela Benvenuto, Arlington

Explain Trump

Will someone please explain to me what Trump means when he says he will "make America great again"?

—Bill Carlisle, Arlington

Deport unauthorized immigrants

Do not bring your children while illegally entering. the United States of America. Thankfully, my country is finally enforcing immigration laws that only benefit Americans and legal immigrants.

In addition, I am proud of President Trump.

—Jay Barnes, Chickasha, Oklahoma

Who helps immigrants entering illegally?

I, too, would hate to see my child or grandchild separated from me, but why do these parents continue to do this to themselves and their children? How are all of these people able to make it to the border/entry in such good condition?

Babies need formula, diapers, etc.. Kids need food, they need water, places to clean up, etc.

They look pretty healthy for someone who has supposedly walked miles to get here and with kids in tow.

—Nancy Williams, Fort Worth

Don't use children as negotiating tools

I cannot understand what our government is doing right now. Children, even children brought to this country illegally, should never be used as negotiating tools so the President can get his border wall.

I believe in the ideals of the Founders of this country, but it appears that our president, his advisers, the attorney general, the head of Homeland Security and the Fox News propagandists have left these ideals behind. Also morals, compassion, decency, humanity and an interest in the truth.

Laura Ingraham on Fox said the shelters are “essentially summer camps.” Except, most children who go to summer camp go there because their parents send them, not because they are ripped away from their parents.

I cannot believe that anyone with compassion in their hearts could believe that imprisoning young children is good for this country. I am ashamed of our government.

—Suzanne M. Stone, Fort Worth

We need good relations with neighboring countries

Illegal drug use among prison inmates continues to be rampant despite security measures.

If we can’t keep drugs out of prisons, how can we stop motivated parents from bringing their children to the United States to escape widespread gang murder, corruption, and grinding poverty in Central America?

I imagine myself a parent in Honduras, the murder capital of the world, with a 13-year-old being targeted by a local gang. No wall nor imprisonment could stop me from bringing my child to America. The wall is a waste.

This doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. We could take the money we will spend building the wall and help Central American governments recruit and train honest police officers and spend it for economic development in our southern backyard.

More than all other countries, we need good relations with our closest neighbors.

—Clete McAlister, Arlington

Trickle-down economics never work

The GOP- Trump tax break was never designed to help anyone except the wealthy and corporations. It is literally a ticking time bomb.

They tell us that it will expire for working Americans, but we will pay for those monstrous deficits in coming decades. Just as we paid for the failed trickle-down from the 2008 debacle.

Americans can start reclaiming our tax revenue with a blue vote In 2018 .

—Pat Gentry, Arlington

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