Letters to the Editor

New sheriff; legal immigration; California votes; Trump and Putin; President Harding

Sheriff Bill Waybourn, with his wife Laura, introduces his leadership team Sunday at the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth.
Sheriff Bill Waybourn, with his wife Laura, introduces his leadership team Sunday at the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth. Special to the Star-Telegram

New sheriff

The Editorial Board stated that more visibility by deputies under Sheriff Bill Waybourn would bring about a risk of unnecessary traffic stops and arrests and more expenses for an overburdened justice system. (“High hopes for new sheriff, but with caution,” Friday)

The sheriff of Tarrant County is a law enforcement officer. Law enforcement means more than just running a jail and providing security for our courthouse.

I applaud Waybourn for the job he did as police chief in Dalworthington Gardens, and I hope he will carry those ideals forward.

I hope he changes the attitude of the deputies who staff the stations in the lobby of the Tarrant County Courthouse searching for weapons.

All people passing through the weapons detection station are treated as inmates by sarcastic-talking deputies. All are treated rudely.

Hal Gerhardt,


The picture in Monday’s newspaper of our new sheriff's executive staff showed one African-American and no women.

What could possibly go wrong?

Al Vincent, Arlington

Legal immigration

I can’t feel sorry for immigrants in the country illegally, even children.

To provide education and medical care, food and shelter for them is unrealistic. They are bankrupting the U.S. infrastructure.

They can come back when they want to enforce laws, stand by our flag and defend the Constitution — they will be welcome.

Both my dad and son fought in the U.S. military so that others can come to to America. Don't insult us by thinking people can sneak into this country and expect us to just accept it.

Let’s make America great like it used to be. Get legal or go home. Follow the law.

I'm sure there are relatives back there somewhere they can stay with.

Sue Mitchell, Fort Worth

California votes

A couple of recent letter writers argued that California votes should not count in deciding the presidency.

Let me see, votes from a highly educated and prosperous state should count less than votes from less educated and less prosperous states.

Kind of turns upside down what we were always told to strive for as a nation. Now I understand how our nation sunk so low in the last election.

Greg Ceshker,

Richland Hills

Trump and Putin

Some fear that President-elect Trump would be a lapdog to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Would Trump ever be a lapdog to anybody?

Eva Snapka, Arlington

President Harding

Richard Hein of Southlake (Sunday letter) referred to Warren G. Harding as a bad president.

Harding was one of our best presidents.

After the economic crash of 1921, Harding cut government spending by one third and refused to start bailout programs or public assistance.

He allowed the free market to heal itself, as it had in the past. In less than a year the recession/depression was over.

Compare this with Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt, who dragged out the 1929 Depression by 15 years with price fixing, welfare programs and government intervention of all sorts.

Bruce D Ferguson,

Fort Worth