Top places to buy ‘lucky’ lottery tickets in Tarrant County — and throughout Texas

Chuck’s Grocery sells more lottery tickets than any other store in Tarrant County.

Maybe what draws them in is the wall of winners, where photos of winning lottery players are displayed in the back of the store.

Or perhaps it’s just habit for some who continue to head to that store as they have for years.

“Chuck’s has a history, a reputation,” said Lupe Beltran, a manager at the store on Secretary Drive in Arlington. “What people know about Chuck’s ... is that it has lucky tickets.”

Last year, more than $13 million in lottery tickets — for both drawings and scratch offs — were sold at the top 10 lottery ticket-selling stores in Tarrant County.

Chuck’s topped the list, as it does most years, selling nearly $1.9 million in lottery tickets, according to a list of those stores provided by the Texas Lottery Commission.

Crowley Shell in Arlington came in second, followed by Sublett Shell in Arlington, Classic Minute Market in Arlington and Snappy Food N Gas Mart in Arlington.

Chuck’s could be one of the top sellers because of the number of winners it produces.

Every week, players generally cash in more than $20,000 in prizes from scratch off tickets and lottery drawing tickets bought at the store, Beltran said.

Most recently, the store sold a mix of scratch off and drawing tickets that paid out a combined $32,793 in one week, he said.

The store sells a variety of scratch-off tickets — about 70 in the back of the store, around 50 in the front and about two dozen other tickets in lottery machines in the middle of the store.

“It’s very popular,” Beltran said. “The lottery does a good job of changing out the tickets. We don’t even have them out of the boxes yet when some people come in and ask for the new tickets.

“People enjoy it,” he said. “They have fun.”

Top Tarrant retailers

Several recent big dollar lottery winners have come from Tarrant County.

Five Tarrant County residents have claimed lottery prizes of $1 million or more this year. More than half a dozen claimed prizes worth at least $1 million last year, lottery officials have said.

Here are the top 10 stores in Tarrant County for lottery ticket sales:

Chuck’s Grocery, 700 Secretary Dr. in Arlington: $1.89 million.

Crowley Shell, 101 N. Crowley Road in Crowley: $1.5 million.

Sublett Shell, 4810 W. Sublett Road in Arlington: $1.46 million.

Classic Minute Market, 1900 W. Arbrook, Arlington: $1.42 million.

Snappy Food N Gas Mart, 5700 S. Collins St. in Arlington: $1.41 million.

Diamond Convenience Store, 540 Keller Parkway in Keller: $1.36 million.

Nick’s Corner Mart #2, 2300 S. Collins St. in Arlington: $1.35 million.

Jubilee Mart, 1901 Country Club Dr. in Mansfield: $1.15 million

Wichita Fuel, 6550 Wichita in Fort Worth: $1.12 million

Candleridge Market, 4000 Sycamore School Road in Fort Worth: $1 million.

Top Texas retailers

Rudy’s Stop and Shop on Avenue I in Rosenberg: $6 million.

Exxon Food Store on North Frontage in Brownsville: $4.3 million.

Pittman’s Quick Mart on McCardle in Corpus Christi: $4.3 million.

Town and Country on 10th Street in McAllen: $3.5 million.

Potranco Food Mart on Potranco in San Antonio: $3.38 million.

Three Star Mart on Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio: $3.36 million.

Mobil Mart on Farm-to-Market Road 78 in Converse: $3.3 million.

Mr. T’s Market on Big Spring Street in Midland: $3.1 million.

B and J BBQ and Food Mart on McHard Road in Pearland: $2.8 million.

Q and Q Mart on Palm Valley Boulevard in Round Rock: $2.5 million.

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