$1 million Texas lottery winner has just days to claim prize — or lose it

A lucky Texan who won $1 million through a March 30, 2018, will lose that prize if it’s not claimed soon.
A lucky Texan who won $1 million through a March 30, 2018, will lose that prize if it’s not claimed soon. Texas Lottery

Texans: check your pockets, your wallets, maybe even under your car seats.

Look anywhere you might have stashed a Mega Millions ticket bought for the March 30 drawing and forgotten about it.

There’s a lot of money on the line.

Someone won a $1 million prize after buying a ticket for that drawing at 7-Eleven #36104A, at 1919 Bryan St. in Dallas.

And that ticket will expire at 5 p.m. Sept. 26.

“We encourage our Mega Millions players to take another look at their ticket, check the numbers again and if your numbers match, sign the back of the ticket and contact us,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery.

It's not that you're not lucky, just that you haven't been lucky... yet. Take a trip down memory lane and watch the Texas Lottery's very first drawing on November 14, 1992.

The winning ticket matched five of the six winning numbers for the drawing: 11, 28, 31, 46 and 59.

This ticket did not match the Mega Ball, which was 1.

“Check your Mega Millions tickets,” the Texas Lottery Commission wrote in an email alert Wednesday. “There is a $1 Million Mega Millions prize that will expire soon!”

After Sept. 26, that prize money officially becomes unclaimed and is given to the Foundation School Fund, which is overseen by the Texas Education Agency. That fund helps pay for school needs across the state ranging from bilingual education to special education, according to the Texas Lottery Commission.

More than $1 billion in unclaimed prizes has been given back to the state since the Texas Lottery began in 1992, state records show.

Winning lottery tickets for drawings like Mega Millions and Powerball are valid for 180 days from the day of the drawing.

In certain cases, the deadline may be extended for “eligible” military personnel. Scratch-off tickets are valid for 180 days after the “close date” of the ticket that’s set by lottery officials.

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