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Watch out the next time you get gas. Credit card skimmers were found in Fort Worth

Three credit card skimmers recently were found on gas pumps in Tarrant County.

All three were found Oct. 18 at the same gas station, Metro Mart (Valero) at 3849 Alta Mesa Blvd. in Fort Worth, according to an alert sent out by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller’s office.

These devices — used by thieves to gain access to people’s debit and credit cards — were found on pumps #5 and #7 by an agriculture department inspector who was investigating a complaint. The inspector notified the Fort Worth Police Department and officers removed them.

“Consumers are encouraged to be aware at the fuel pump,” according to a statement from the department. “If the credit card scanner looks like it has been tampered with, move to another pump or pay inside. If you notice fraudulent charges on your account, contact your financial institution immediately.”

Miller’s office offers some suggestions for Texans filling up with gas:

Use pumps closest to the stores.

Check for any unusual Bluetooth signals with a string of letters and numbers because that might be a skimmer.

Look for any damage to the credit card reader or security tape on the pump cabinet and report any problems to store employees.

If you can, pay inside with cash.

Keep your receipt and keep an eye on your bank accounts after filling up your car to make sure there are no unusual charges.

Anyone who thinks they’ve been skimmed, or believes they’ve seen a skimmer, may report problems to the Agriculture Department at 1-800-TELL-TDA.

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