Fort Worth

Texas Law Hawk’s new commercial is a nightmare before Christmas

Maybe you shouldn’t show the latest ad from the “Texas Law Hawk” to the kids.

Attorney Bryan Wilson, the self-proclaimed Texas Law Hawk, is a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney known for what former Star-Telegram writer Cary Darling called “unhinged YouTube commercials — a goofball’s fever dream of explosions, dirt bikes, jet skis, lucha libre, flags, fire, bikinis, hawks, Hungry Hungry Hippos and, oh, yeah, very loud legal advice.”

Add Santa and Mrs. Claus to that list.

In his latest ad, the couple — who live in what looks more like a modern house that needs air conditioning rather than at the North Pole — really get into it when Mrs. Claus goes into a jealous rage over a photo of Santa and one of his elves.

Christmas decorations are torn down. Daring leaps of escape are made. Wrapping and ornaments are thrown. And then there’s what happens to the Christmas tree ... all on Christmas Eve.

And then the cops come and slap the cuffs on Santa. And that’s when the Texas Law Hawk bursts in to come to Santa’s defense.

“What I was trying to do is show that, first of all, wrongful arrests do happen,” Wilson said during a brief phone interview. “I’ve noticed a pattern that it does seem with domestic-violence cases, it looks to me like there’s generally interest in arresting the male over the female. There’s kind of a predisposition [to suspect the man], and that’s really not always the case.”

There’s an interrogation scene in the video, in which the police don’t buy Santa’s side of the story. Wilson said he also wanted to demonstrate that when someone is arrested, their testimony isn’t always taken seriously.

“It’s getting a good reaction,” said Wilson, who graduated from Texas Tech Law School in 2013. “I showed it to my parents, who normally roll their eyes at my videos: ‘You sure you want to put this one out here?’ But this one, they thought it was the best one they’ve ever done.”

This is not Wilson’s first time coming to Santa’s aid. Here’s his holiday ad from last year, in which Santa is pulled over and searched, and the Texas Law Hawk comes in at the end with advice on what to do in such a situation — and with a move that, quite literally, puts the officer who pulled over Santa on ice.

“That was one more, ‘You have the right to not answer any questions,” he says. “All you have to do if you’re lawfully stopped is provide your name, your date of birth and your address, all of which are on your driver’s license. ... Ask for a lawyer as early as you can. You don’t have to be under arrest to answer for a lawyer.”

Despite our parental-guidance suggestion about Wilson’s latest ad, he says that kids are actually some of his biggest fans.

“This wasn’t intentional, but they just love my videos,” he says. “I hear all the time from my friends with kids that they’ll go online to see videos from the Law Hawk. ... I think they like the action, a person in a suit yelling and being a little bit silly.”