Suspect shot dead by Fort Worth police after holding children and others hostage

A man is dead after he held four other people, including children, hostage with a gun inside a west Fort Worth apartment complex, police said.

The man fired toward responding officers, according to police.

At least one SWAT officer shot the man, police said, and he died at a local hospital. He had reportedly used a child like a shield when police responded to the scene.

No hostages or police officers were injured.

Fort Worth police responded around 11:20 a.m. to an apartment in the 2900 block of Broadmoor Drive for a report of a person with a gun. The caller was a woman who was whispering, police said, and she said there were at least three other people in the apartment including children.

A man with a gun was holding them hostage, she told police.

When police arrived, they took on gunfire from a third-story apartment, police said. The officers had been wearing “rifle-resistant” body armor, helmets and shields.

Officers eventually made it to the apartment, where they found the suspect holding the child like a shield, police said. He fired at the officers, striking one of their shields, and police retreated.

Officers then began evacuating people from surrounding apartments, police said.

SWAT officers arrived, and the suspect continued firing from the third-story apartment, police said. SWAT officers breached the door, police said, and saw the man still holding a gun in close proximity to children.

SWAT officers fired at least one shot, police said, and the man was hit. He was taken to a local hospital and was later pronounced dead. His name was not released.

Jakayla Williams told the Star-Telegram her best friend and another woman were inside the apartment when the other woman’s baby’s father burst into the apartment.

Williams said her friend called her and said she might not make it, and that she loved her. She was on FaceTime and it appeared she was hiding somewhere.

Williams said her best friend, another woman, the woman’s baby, and the woman’s two young siblings were among those inside the apartment.

Williams said the man spoke on the phone and told her if she came to the apartment, he would kill her, too.

Another woman told the Star-Telegram she is the aunt of the woman whose baby’s father burst in and said he was going to kill the people inside. Five or six people were inside the apartment, but some got away while the others were held hostage, she said.

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