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Colleyville to make changes to splash pad

Colleyville is looking to make a splash with possible changes to the splash pad at McPhearson Park.

At its Feb. 3 meeting, City Council advised the city to add a full recirculating water system to the city’s water feature.

“The discussion stemmed from the fact that we had an amenity that the use was being prohibited by water restrictions,” Parks Manager James Hubbard said. “We wanted to come to a solution to meet the desires of the public but also conserve water.”

The splash pad features various hoses and spouts that shoot out water.

The city opens the splash pad on Memorial Day and closes it on Labor Day each year. The splash pad opened in May 2010 and was in operation for three seasons before the city decided to shut it off in to be in compliance with Stage 1 water restrictions.

The new water system would allow the feature to recycle water, reducing water usage. On average the splash pad uses 932,000 gallons of water a month. Park Manager James Hubbard estimates the change could save the city $2,000-8,000 and more than 3 million gallons of water annually.

Hubbard estimated that when the feature was in operation out of a 10-hour-a-day schedule, it was being used for 8 hours and 20 minutes a day.

The new system would cost the city an estimated $127,747 in construction costs and require staff for daily testing, maintenance and sanitation.

“My logic is if we have the money and it’s not allocated, and we want to get use out of this because we already have the investment, then let’s fix it,” Councilman Chris Putnam said.

If the Tarrant Regional Water District invokes Stage 2 or 3 water restrictions, the splash pad would have to close at the city’s discretion. But if the recirculation system is implemented, it could be operated during the restrictions.

Hubbard said the goal would be to implement the change before this season begins and before the possible increases in water restrictions, but he said that may not be possible.

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