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Bath toys, definitely not drugs, almost get Bedford teen grounded

Ashley Banks

When a Tarrant County mother thought she found drugs in her teenager’s room, she ordered her daughter home immediately to face the consequences.

Lucky for the girl, they weren’t drugs.

And lucky for us, she shared the text conversation on social media, which had retweeted her more than 36,000 times by Tuesday evening.

On Friday, Ashley Banks, 16, tweeted screen shots of her text conversation with her mother after she asked her mom to find a calculator to lend to a friend. While looking in Ashley’s room, Lisa Banks found a plastic baggie containing colorful capsules.

“I will not have drugs in my house,” Lisa Banks texted her daughter. She demanded that Ashley come home immediately, informing her that she was grounded and that her parents would discuss further consequences.

“Mom they arnt drugs lol,” Ashley responded. “Go put them in water.”

Lisa Banks did and watched as the capsules turned into dinosaur shapes. They were kiddie bath toys.

“Nevermind. You don’t have to come home,” Lisa sent along with a picture of the dinosaur toys.

Ashley laughed, and then her mom, suddenly relieved, questioned her daughter’s purchase.

“Why in the Earth would you buy these? I thought you were 16 not 7,” Lisa Banks texted.

“Idk they looked cool,” Ashley responded.

According to a Buzzfeed story, Ashley is from Bedford and said she saw the cheap toys at a Target store, remembered playing with them as a kid, and wanted to try them out again.

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