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Colleyville Citizen Police Academy looks for applicants

The Colleyville Police Department is accepting applications for the Colleyville Citizen Police Academy.

“It’s educating the public of police procedures and building a relationship with the public and the citizenry,” academy organizer Dorothy Tyler said of the program’s importance.

The city will take applications until Jan. 16 for the 12-week course that introduces citizens to the police department. Tyler said the class can accept roughly 25 people.

The weekly class, which meets on Thursday nights from Feb. 5 to April 23, allows participants to get a hands-on learning experience in policing, including traffic enforcement, and more.

“To me, its the foundation of that partnership. Citizen Police Academy ends up being the first training level for somebody to volunteer with the police department,” Tyler said.

Kyle Suiter, Colleyville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association president, said one of the most important experiences is learning about the officers serving the community.

“You learn some of the basics of what a police officer actually does that we don’t see as a resident of Colleyville,” he said. “Police officers are just like you and I.”

Those who take the course are able to volunteer with the police department and join organizations such as Citizens on Patrol. The group assists the department by managing traffic during events, patrolling the community and more.

“It's all about community policing,” Suiter said. “It just feels good knowing that you are helping out to some degree.”

Tyler said the department appreciates the help it gets from its volunteers.

“We heavily depend on them for support,” she said. “We can’t be at every street corner, so they’re out there for us and they’re out there for the community.”

Those interested can download an application at or at the Colleyville Justice Center.