Northeast Tarrant

A sterling opportunity to give recognition

Now here is your chance to pick the winner — and your nomination is as easy as point and click.

The Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce is about to host its 2015 Sterling Awards, and you can nominate that incredible individual for the Youth of the Year, Leadership Award, Citizen of the Year and Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District Employee of Year.

Because those folks over at the chamber are so wonderful, they have extended the deadline to midnight Friday, just for our readers.

Go to the Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce website,, then click on the 2015 Sterling Awards button on the bottom right. That will take you to the page where you can either download a form (that would need to be filled out and delivered to the chamber office located at 6700 Colleyville Blvd. in Colleyville by 4 p.m. Friday) or you can fill out the form and submit it online.

Here is the criteria for the awards:

The Youth of the Year is awarded to a student in ninth through twelfth grade who either attends school in the Grapevine Colleyville school district or a Colleyville resident who attends private school with an incredible commitment to volunteerism.

The Citizen of the Year is awarded to a Colleyville resident who has selflessly served or made exceptional voluntary contributions to the community.

The Leadership Award is the only award where the recipient can reside in the area, but not necessarily in the city. This award also can be bestowed on an group, as well as an individual.

The final award is the GCISD Employee of the Year, which is your opportunity to nominate that special person, whether it be a teacher, administrator or lunch lady, who had a special impact on your life.

Remember, this is your opportunity to nominate that special person who has made a difference in our community.

Fighting hunger

Speaking of making a difference in our community, the Trophy Club Country Club just held its annual member Christmas party.

And instead of charging the member for the lavish event, the staff at the club decided to allow the members to bring cans of food for the Roanoke Food Pantry.

Even better, if someone didn’t have cans, cash was also accepted. Over 1,000 cans of food and upwards of $2,000 was raised to help fight hunger. Applause to you all.