Northeast Tarrant

Southlake PD increasing social media presence

The Southlake Police Department is joining law enforcement agencies around the area and the country with increased activity on social media.

Under Southlake’s new police chief James Brandon, who was sworn in Thursday but has held the position on an interim basis since March, the Southlake DPS pages on Facebook and Twitter have become more active in an “effort to be more transparent,” said Kim Leach, public information officer for the Southlake Department of Public Safety.

“My goal is to let people know about incidents so they can work around them,” Leach said.

The social media pages often post about traffic enforcement locations — a national trend the Keller Police Department helped begin — as well as construction updates, news releases about arrests and criminal activity, fires, car wrecks and other incidents that may impact followers.

“We’ve increased it more now because of growth and traffic being a main issue,” Leach said. “We use it for getting out in front of construction.”

Leach said residents have had “great responses” to the updates.

“It’s great getting that kind of information out to followers, and great to engage back and forth,” she said. “They’re very good about letting us know about incidents and saying thanks.”