Northeast Tarrant

North Texas powersports dealership might soon be the biggest in the state

Four years ago, Aaron McWhorter walked into the Grapevine Kawasaki dealer to buy a four-wheeler. He ended up buying the whole dealership.

In those four years since he bought it, McWhorter has expanded Grapevine Powersports to more than just a Kawasaki dealership. The store sells five other brands of dirtbikes, four-wheelers and other powersport vehicles. And more than that, it’s expanding.

Grapevine Powersports is currently constructing a new dealership location at 4120 William D Tate Ave. The new dealership spans over eight acres of land and will include a 13,000 square-foot showroom, a demo track for prospective buyers to try out the merchandise and even a 16-by-12-foot video wall of high-definition televisions.

“We’re making it a destination dealership,” McWhorter said.

Business for the store has grown exponentially since McWhorter first bought it. When it was just a Kawasaki dealership, it was selling 20 to 25 vehicles per month. Right now, the store sells between 70 to 75 vehicles a month, but the reason it doesn’t sell more is because the current location doesn’t have enough room to hold more merchandise. When it moves to the new location, McWhorter hopes to sell more than 100 vehicles a month.

The products and services will also expand. In addition to dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, cruisers and sport bikes, the store will also sell steel equipment and trailers. Grapevine Powersports will also start renting vehicles.

“The off-road market has taken off,” McWhorter said. “People work all week, they want to get out of town and get some relief.”

With this new location, Grapevine Powersports will be the biggest powersports dealership in the state, and the hope is to become one of the top 10 dealerships in the country.

Construction for the new location started in August, and is set to be complete by May, weather permitting.