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Here’s a sneak peek at the new Peppa Pig World of Play

Take a look inside Peppa Pig World of Play

Peppa Pig World of Play opens at Grapevine Mills Mall on Feb. 12, 2019. Take a quick look inside the 14,000 square-foot indoor attraction.
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Peppa Pig World of Play opens at Grapevine Mills Mall on Feb. 12, 2019. Take a quick look inside the 14,000 square-foot indoor attraction.

As the attraction manager for the Peppa Pig World of Play, Tyron Calton starts every day by splashing around in muddy puddles. He puts on music and enjoys the satisfying squishing sound as he jumps around in the mud.

Of course it’s not real mud — the floor is covered in carpet with painted brown splotches to represent the puddles. But the sound is real, and it comes from the speakers surrounding the muddy puddle area. And there’s a screen showing Peppa Pig and her family, splashing around in the puddles as well.

It’s Calton’s favorite part of the Peppa Pig World of Play at Grapevine Mills Mall, which opens Tuesday. The indoor attraction is 14,000 square feet dedicated to all things Peppa Pig.

Chances are if you have a kid younger than 10 years old, you already know who Peppa Pig is, but for those who don’t, Peppa Pig is the eponymous star of the British children’s educational television program. The show follows Peppa, her family and her friends (Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit and Candy Cat, among others). The episodes cover the typical tropes of children’s programming: playing games, riding bikes and learning how to whistle.

Though Peppa Pig is a British show, she has a huge following outside of the United Kingdom: In fact, the first World of Play opened in Shanghai last year. The World of Play at Grapevine Mills Mall is the first in the United States.

The World of Play has 14 different areas for children to interact and play in, including Peppa’s house, a supermarket and a school bus. There’s even a theater that plays Peppa Pig episodes.

The attraction is marketed toward children younger than 8, and it will be available for birthdays. There’s also a gift shop with Peppa Pig-themed merchandise, and admission will be $20 for children and $10 for adults on weekends and during the summer. On weekdays and during the school year, admission for adults is $5.

The day before the official Peppa Pig World of Play opening, the attraction hosted a preview for families lucky enough to get an invitation. Dozens of children and their parents splashed in the muddy puddles, rode tricycles and slid around in George’s Fort.

Paul Hellman came with his wife, his mother-in-law and his daughter, who was celebrating her second birthday. Hellman said she had just been introduced to Peppa Pig, but loved the World of Play.

“She’s pretty overwhelmed by everything, but she likes it,” he said.

Her favorite spot was the toddler garden area, with soft dinosaurs and puzzles to put together and throw around. Though Hellman didn’t want her to play in the bigger kid areas because she was still too small, he plans on coming back with his family.

“We’re from Fort Worth, and we’ll definitely find a weekend to come out here and burn off some energy for a while,” he said.

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