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Southlake police go on Monday night snake hunt, round up half a dozen copperheads

Four of the six copperhead snakes Southlake police rounded up Monday night.
Four of the six copperhead snakes Southlake police rounded up Monday night. Southlake Department of Public Safety

In two separate calls, Southlake Department of Public Safety officers rounded up six venomous copperhead snakes Monday night.

Four of them were found at the new TD Ameritrade facility at 3000 TD Ameritrade Lane, police spokesman Brad Uptmore said. The location is surrounded by wooded areas.

“I guess the snakes were in the parking garage just chilling, but it really freaked out the employees,” he said.

Uptmore said an officer used an appropriately named “Asp” baton to pin each snake’s head and then grabbed them under the head to put them into a box for relocation.

In a Facebook post, the DPS said responding officers also used “a little bit of Parseltongue,” which Harry Potter fans will remember as the snake language in the J.K. Rowling novels.

At this time of year, when it starts cooling off at night, copperheads and other snakes will often seek out warm concrete or electrical boxes, police said.

Police also recommend not walking barefoot in grass and being careful before you pick up your garden hose.

Because, as the DPS Facebook post put it: “ERMEGERD it might not be a hose.”

The post added, “When disturbed, they often emit an odor which smells similar to almonds, but if you’re smelling almonds and you see a snake, you’re probably in some trouble.”

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A two-headed copperhead snake was discovered in a garden in northern Virginia, according to JD Kleopfer of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Kleopfer said two-headed snakes normally don’t live very long in the wild.

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