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He crashed his truck in Fort Worth last week. No one has seen him since.

Michael “Justin” Archie of Keller was last seen Aug. 10 after a traffic accident near John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.
Michael “Justin” Archie of Keller was last seen Aug. 10 after a traffic accident near John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

Friends and family members of a young Keller man missing since last week after a traffic accident have organized a search for him Thursday afternoon.

Michael “Justin” Archie, 27, the father of a young daughter, was last seen on the afternoon of Aug. 10 as he crawled out of his truck after a one-vehicle wreck in the 2200 block of Evans Avenue near John Peter Smith Hospital.

Archie, also known as “J” or “JU,” was not arrested nor was he taken to a hospital. It’s unclear where he went afterward.

The group was still searching at 9 p.m. Thursday in the neighborhood of the crash.

“No one has heard from him or seen him,” his sister Ashley Archie of Burleson said Thursday in a telephone interview. “He doesn’t disappear for days or anything like that.”

Concern has intensified because Archie did not attend his 5-year-old daughter’s birthday on Wednesday and his cellphone has been turned off.

At 2 p.m. on Aug. 10 shortly before his accident, Archie talked to a friend and made plans with her for that night.

“She said he sounded normal,” Ashley Archie said Thursday.

Archie, who works with his father at Archie’s Backyard Retreat in Haltom City, had completed his work day and took to the road.

“He left his brother that afternoon, so we believe he was alone in his truck,” Alisha Fox said in a Thursday telephone interview. Fox’s sister is the mother of Archie’s daughter. “We believe he lost control of his truck, hit something and then crashed into a building.”

Archie apparently abandoned his truck at the crash site.

Archie’s family did not know he had been in an accident until Monday, and they later found the truck had been impounded in Fort Worth.

“We found that someone had ripped out the battery to his truck,” his sister said. “He didn’t show up for work on Monday and then he never tried to call his daughter. That’s not like him to do that.”

A missing person report has been filed with Keller police because Archie lives in Keller with his father.

Anyone with information should call family members at 817-730-8229 or Keller police at 817-743-4500.

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