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Dirty politics take center stage in Colleyville council race

Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor

A campaign letter critical of council candidate Bobby Lindamood was placed in selected Colleyvillle mailboxes earlier this week, setting off claims of dirty politics just days before Saturday’s election.

The letter references a deposition from 2011 involving the estate of Lindamood’s father. In big, red type the letter says: Bad behavior! Bad judgment! Bad for Colleyville!

Lindamood, who is facing incumbent Mike Taylor for Place 6, said he was appalled at the campaign tactic.

“I am totally shocked and offended somebody would stoop so low into personal attacks instead of sticking to public policies,” Lindamood said.

Lindamood said he believes that Taylor is behind the letter.

But Taylor denies that he or his campaign team had any involvement with the release of the letter, saying he is one of those who received a copy in his mailbox.

He said he received a call from someone offering to send him the deposition, but Taylor said he did not want it. He said he spoke with his campaign team and they decided not to use it.

“We were scared to death this would happen,” Taylor said. “We knew they would blame us and there is no way we can defend ourselves.”

Lindamood’s attorney, Bruce James, said they plan to take legal action.

“We are going to be … filing a defamation lawsuit against the individuals we believe are responsible for this malicious, false, defamatory publication,” said James, with the Fort Worth-based Whitaker Chalk law firm.

In a statement released earlier this week, Lindamood described the campaign mailer as “a selective and disgusting manipulation of a private, family dispute — that was resolved many years ago — in an attempt to defame and slander me and my family.”

In the deposition, taken on March 4, 2011, Lindamood is accused of inappropriate behavior, which he denies. The Star-Telegram is not disclosing the details of the deposition.

A Colleyville news website,, describes the letter as “the most scurrilous, vile, vicious and lewd undertaking by any group or individual in an attempt to sway the outcome of an election in modern memory.”

Lindamood, 43, is among those who support protecting Glade Road — a proposition to limit the scope of work on the road is also on the ballot — and has said his top priority is bringing accountability and transparency to the council.

Taylor, 62, has said he is against the Glade Road proposition and wants to preserve the quality of life in Colleyville with responsible growth and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure.

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