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Sex lesson for stepdaughter using soft porn results in probation for Grapevine man

A Grapevine man has been sentenced to two years probation for showing porn to his teen-aged daughter to help her with dating and sex.
A Grapevine man has been sentenced to two years probation for showing porn to his teen-aged daughter to help her with dating and sex.

A stepfather's birds-and-bees lessons for his teenage stepdaughter has landed him on two years' probation for showing her harmful material, according to Tarrant County criminal court records.

The 58-year-old Grapevine man, who is not being named because it would identify the teen, showed her two "soft romantic porn" videos in 2016 after the then 17-year-old said she had started dating and never wanted to have sex, according to an arrest warrant.

He also gave her a pink vibrator as a birthday present, later telling her that "every woman has one, it's their best friend, and your mom has one in her room," according to a protective order affidavit for the teen.

The stepfather was arrested in February 2017 after the teen and her biological father called Grapevine police. He was later charged with the sale, distribution or display of material harmful to a minor, a Class A misdemeanor.

On Jan. 22, he was sentenced to 24 months' probation. He faces a year in jail if he violates conditions of his probation, according to court records.

The warrant obtained by the Star-Telegram last year gave this brief account of the incident:

In late 2016, the stepfather decided to talk about sex with his teenage stepdaughter because she had voiced her displeasure with sex.

"He became concerned with her comments because during his first marriage, his wife had an issue with having sex," according to the warrant. "He didn't want (his stepdaughter) to suffer from the same issues his ex-wife did."

The stepfather began showing her pornographic videos in August 2016 from his desktop computer in his home office. He raised the volume on a living room TV and called the teen to his office at night while his his wife slept in a bedroom.

The teen estimated her stepfather showed her porn videos six to eight times from August to December 2016, according to the warrant.

The teen told investigators that she explained to her stepfather that she was uncomfortable watching the videos with him.

In January 2017, his wife told officers she confronted him and he admitted to showing the videos on two occasions.

He was also accused of showing the teen a topless photo of her mother.

There were no records of a divorce between the Grapevine man and his wife in 2017.

The teen, who is now 19, obtained a protective order against her stepfather in March 2017, according to Tarrant County court records. The order is valid for two years and orders him to stay at least 200 yards from his stepdaughter's home, place of work or school in Tarrant County or in Jefferson County in Colorado.

The teen moved out of her family's Grapevine home in late December.

Her stepfather was arrested in February 2017, and later bonded out. She was talking to her mother on the phone in March 2017 when her stepfather got on the phone, told her he loved her and that he was sorry, according to the protective order affidavit.

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