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Family-friendly kickball on offer in Grapevine

People play co-ed adult kickball at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. A summer league is registering teams in Grapevine.
People play co-ed adult kickball at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. A summer league is registering teams in Grapevine.

It’s a little bit baseball, a little bit softball and a whole lot of fun. And families in Grapevine are getting their kicks from one of the city’s most popular sports.

The fall season of the Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department’s Adult Co-Ed Kickball league begins on Aug. 14. Registration ends July 31.

“It’s a huge mixture of players in their 20s, 30s, 40s; we have church groups that have teams,” Grapevine Athletics Supervisor and League Coordinator Andrea Tredaway said.

“Several of our teams have been playing together for years, they’re having so much fun.”

And, Tredaway said, the atmosphere is extremely family-friendly.

What’s not to like? You’re kicking a ball.

Andrea Tredaway of the Grapevine Parks & Recreation department on kickball

“We don’t tolerate bad language,” she said, adding that if a team also tries to slip a questionable name past league officials, they will be corrected immediately.

“We have some teams that try to push that, but we tell them to change,” she said.

This is also not a beer-on-base league, she said.

“Our park is very safe. We don’t allow alcohol,” Tredaway said. “Everybody knows everybody. It’s a family feeling. You’ve got kids in the bleachers on the side playing with each other.”

As to why the sport is so popular, Tredaway said it’s quite simple, really. For one thing, it takes players back to their childhood, when they were in grade school kicking a ball on the playground.

“It’s something different and it gives people something to do if they don’t want to play softball,” she said. “Softball is a little more competitive, not that these teams don’t also want to win, but I’ll get calls from people saying they have a group of friends who want to do something outside that’s different. Well, that’s kickball.

“We had one team that took it way too seriously one time. I think they’ve gone somewhere else to play now.”

Much like baseball and softball, players run to base after getting a “hit.” Only to do so in this game they must kick the ball. Unlike those sports, however, to get a “batter” out, the ball can be thrown to hit them.

The minimum age to play is 16. Each team must have a minimum of eight players and a maximum of 10, with at least four females on the field at all times.

Games run 55 minutes. However, a game will not be stopped until a complete inning (top and bottom) has been played, with a maximum of seven innings.

The league began in 2010 and has steadily grown in popularity. There are now three seasons, spring, summer and fall.

Teams are guaranteed eight regular-season games. After that, the top four teams in each division advance to the playoffs.

There’s also a free agent list for players who don’t have a team but want to join one. To get on this list, go to the Grapevine Parks and Recreation web site,

Cost to enter the league is $360 per team. If a player joins as a free agent, his/her cost will be worked out between that person and the team they join.

And, based on past history, a lot of fun awaits those who sign up, Tredaway said.

“What’s not to like? You’re kicking a ball,” she said.

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