Northeast Tarrant

Southlake residents contest plans for Shady Lane development

Southlake Residents who live in the Shady Lane neighborhood will meet with a developer to find a compromise over a proposed development near Kimball Avenue just north of Texas 114.

The developer, Kosse Maykus, and residents plan to meet at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the third-floor meeting space at City Hall. This meeting came up after residents showed their opposition at a recent City Council meeting for a plan to bring 17 lots on 20.5 acres.

Maykus is asking for a variance to the land use plan to develop the property and would include custom homes with green space, including a trail. The developer said if the variance is not approved, he can develop a plan to have 17 one-acre lots.

“I don't think that's near as good as what we've got,” Maykus told the Council.

Residents opposed the developer because they say it disturbs the neighborhood’s character with lots that have a gross density of .88 dwelling units per acre.

“The proposed development is not in the character of the neighborhood,” resident Lloyd Satterfield said. “I’m not against development property. It will be developed, but put something in there that fits the character of the neighborhood as it exists now.”

Mayor John Terrell and other council members suggested the developer meet with neighbors so residents can obtain a better understanding of what options they have.

“My vote, if a significant amount of the group says they prefer this plan, then that’s probably the way I’m voting,” Terrell said.