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Soccer fanatic developing into future leader for Trinity

Trinity’s Kaycee West (No. 3) splits two Coppell defenders in recent district action.
Trinity’s Kaycee West (No. 3) splits two Coppell defenders in recent district action. Star-Telegram Archive

In a year or two, sophomore Kaycee West will be one of the leaders on the Trinity girls soccer team. As of now, she's finishing up a rather successful first season with coach Kurt Clawson and the team.

West began playing when she was four on a small recreational team. She says her brother Kyle is the reason she plays.

“He inspires me. I used to go to all his games and practices, wanting to be just like him,” West said. “That is where I get my jersey number from, he was always No. 3.”

West has fully committed to soccer, having chosen not to play any other sport during her high school career. She did run cross country in the beginning to keep in shape, but has only played soccer. She played for the freshman team last year and helped the team dominate through the season.

Outside of school, she's playing for Andromeda FC and has been playing on select since she was 11 – and absolutely loves it.

“I consider all of my teammates as sisters because we would take a bullet for each other. I don't know what I would do without this team,” West said. “I have never been on a club team that has always been there for each other inside and outside of soccer and has been this successful until now.”

West also loves to watch soccer. Her favorite professional team is Chelsea, and her two favorite players are Lionel Messi and Abby Wambach.

“Chelsea connects as a team well and every time I watch them play, I want to jump on the field and play with team,” she said. “Watching Messi play is like watching someone perfect the game of soccer.

“Wambach is what I aim to be. She inspires me to never give up and shows that anything is possible.”

As for the Lady Trojans, they could make the playoffs with a win over L.D. Bell this week. West has impressed Clawson along the way.

“Kaycee has good skill sets. She's quick with and without the ball, and does a good job while holding onto the ball for someone her size,” Clawson said. “She's a responsible, smart girl and her experience on the field at varsity will turn into a leadership role in the future.”

“Coach Clawson is always there to help us reach our goals and become better athletes,” West added. “The whole team also helps us grow as individuals and strong young adults.”

The Lady Trojans also like to have fun, giving Kaycee the nickname of Kaycee “Cat Lady” West because of her obsession with cats. They also sometimes refer to her as “Hoodlum.”