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Dragons enter final week defending third playoff seed

The Carroll boys soccer team took advantage of an 11-day layoff over the last week and a half to heal up and work out a few rough spots as it headed into its final two-game stretch on Tuesday night, starting with Haltom.

The Dragons were tied with Haltom for third place in the district standings as they prepared to travel to Haltom City to take on the Buffaloes at their home field on Tuesday.

Coach Greg Oglesby said that, regardless of the outcome against Haltom on Tuesday night, the Dragons would need a strong effort against L.D. Bell as they host the Blue Raiders at 7:15 p.m. on Friday in their season finale.

“That will be interesting to see, because Bell is out of it already, mathematically, so they're done,” Oglesby said. “It's interesting for us, because we may not have third place locked up. So that could be a very important game for us. We're not going to do anything different just because it is the last game of the season. You want to play well and stay in a good rhythm to get ready for the playoffs.”

Oglesby said that the break that his team recently enjoyed was a good one.

“We had the week off because of spring break,” Oglesby said. “We gave them a little bit of time off and then got a few training sessions in, so I think we'll be ready for Haltom. We go over to their place and play on grass, so that will be a little unique, because we have not played on grass his year. Hopefully, we'll sort that out in the first five or 10 minutes and get a good result.”

Carroll played Haltom on Tuesday after the press deadline; see for results.

Oglesby said that his team has had a hard time getting a rhythm established this spring due to such factors as the inclement weather, but added that most teams were in the same predicament.

“I think that having an indoor facility helps,” Oglesby said. “We have to share with all of the other sports, but at least we get to do something. I would imagine that some high schools can't do much of anything.”

Oglesby said that when he looks at how his team is playing as the playoffs approach this season as compared to seasons past, he cannot really make a comparison.

“Last year and in previous year, it has kind of varied,” Oglesby said. “This year's team is doing a good job. We're playing good soccer. We dropped a game against Trinity, and we didn't get the result we wanted against Colleyville, but we played very well in both games. You just have to stay confident in what you're doing, stay committed and not lose faith in each other.

“We just have to keep training, and we'll get those results on down the road. That's kind of how we're looking at it right now. You always want to go into the playoffs playing well. I want to win both of these last two, but at the very least, I'd like to be playing well.”