How newfangled glass helped a DFW Airport business sell more booze

High-tech glass lead to lower temperatures and higher profits at DFW Airport.
High-tech glass lead to lower temperatures and higher profits at DFW Airport. View Inc.

If you've ever flown in or out of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in the warmer months, you know all that glass letting in sunlight make some parts of the airport downright unpleasant to linger in.

The airport has installed high-tech "smart glass" windows in two areas and now sees travelers not only more comfortable, but also spending more to eat and drink, Bloomberg reports.

Like transition-lens eyeglasses, Californian-based View's dynamic glass windows can adjust to the intensity of sunlight.

Dynamic glass, which uses electrical current to regulate how much light is let through, can lower temperatures up to 15 degrees, reports The Dallas Morning News.

After the glass was installed this past October in the windows of a restaurant's east-facing bar, alcohol sales increased 80 percent over the same month in 2016, according to Bloomberg.

In a study conducted by View and released Tuesday, the company reported that passengers lingered 83 percent longer in areas where dynamic glass has been installed, which also includes seating near Gate A28.

They also spent more than twice as much on concessions as passengers in areas with conventional windows did, the study says.

Uber and Fort Worth-based Bell are working on a plan to bring air taxis to DFW Airport and Frisco by 2023.

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