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This Fort Worth breakfast comes with a side of sunshine

Chicken-and-waffles with a side of bacon on the Woodshed Smokehouse breakfast menu.
Chicken-and-waffles with a side of bacon on the Woodshed Smokehouse breakfast menu.

When you want pastrami for breakfast, the Woodshed Smokehouse has it.

But when you want avocado toast or a kale-ginger smash from the juice bar, the Woodshed has that, too.

Chef Tim Love's patio-party restaurant is open for breakfast every day, and might be the best place to enjoy morning coffee in the bright sunshine.

If you only go to the Woodshed for burgers — you can have those for breakfast, too.

The Woodshed's extensive morning menu appeals to Trinity Trail joggers or smokehouse regulars, ranging from lattes and juices to a chicken-and-waffle.

Sides include a quarter-pound slice of bacon — yes, that's one slice — or the sausage of the day.

Besides the waffles, there's also a platter of Grand Marnier crepes, or a strawberry shortcake breakfast with maple syrup.

The juices all have nicknames — watermelon-pineapple Panther City Pink Drink, pineapple-orange-carrot Eternal Sunshine, spinach-cucumber-lemon Down South Lemonade or the kale-lemon-ginger Hulk Smash.

As always, the setting is the Woodshed's scenic patio or covered dining area along the Clear Fork riverbank.

The Woodshed opens at 8 a.m. daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 3201 Riverfront Drive, one block west of South University Drive at the river bridge near the Fort Worth Zoo; 817-877-4545,

Love is spreading across Texas this weekend. The Fort Worth-based chef operates the Austin Food & Wine Festival this weekend, and construction has begun on a Woodshed in Houston's Levy Park.

Love's new agreement with Pilot/Flying J truck stops is also taking shape. The truck stop cafes are serving his peanut butter-jelly sandwiches, with breakfast tacos coming in May.

He still plans a new, small Northern Italian restaurant in Fort Worth, he said.

Reata chefs reunite over steaks for charity

Love was one of five former Reata chefs who returned to the home of “cowboy cuisine” for a reunion dinner earlier this month.

Love, a Reata cook from 1999-2000, joined founding chef Grady Spears of Horseshoe Hill Cafe and the coming Graze in Crockett Row; Brian Olenjack of Eagle Mountain Tavern; Juan Rodriguez of Magdalena's, the longest-tenured Reata chef; and Andrew Dilda.

For an entree, they served tenderloin by the king of Texas cowboy chefs, Tom Perini of Perini Ranch Steakhouse, south of Abilene.

Love served a game entree, and Spears cooked the sides and breads. For dessert, former Reata bartender Lindsey Lawing served her Sweet Lucy's Pies.

It was all a special dinner for a special price ($140) to raise money for the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival charity fund.

For your 3 a.m. sushi fix, Zenna is open

Zenna Thai & Japanese has opened its Fort Worth location for night-owls seeking sushi or pad Thai.

It's open until 3 a.m. nightly. But it doesn't open until 5 p.m. right now, so either go late or get up very early.

The service was still shaky one night this week, and a spicy basil chicken dish didn't have much spark. But try Laotian-born chef Joe Keovixay's izakaya menu or the curries, or just go for the cheap drinks and big TVs.

It's open nightly at 3001 Bledsoe St., 682-250-7230,

Adding burgers and sliders to their outstanding breakfast items has transformed this west side kolache restaurant into a first class breakfast and lunch destination.

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