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Farewell, Times Ten Cellars. Are wine drinkers too sedate for West 7th?

Times Ten Cellars wines with take-out food from other restaurants.
Times Ten Cellars wines with take-out food from other restaurants. Star-Telegram archives

Hey, Bud! Any reason why Times Ten Cellars is closing? Another West Seventh Street-area place gone.

JK, Fort Worth

Times Ten Cellars started strong with wine drinkers and Cane Rosso pizza, but it lost its pizza when Cane Rosso opened a Fort Worth restaurant and lost its appeal when the college bar-scene crowd took over Foch Street. New bars nearby fill up the parking with big crowds for drink specials, and sedate wine drinkers don’t feel at home anymore. (Here’s my rule of thumb for the new bars: Look at the website and Facebook page. If the owners only promote drinks and don’t brag that their food’s good — trust them.)


Hey, Bud! Why did The Gardens Restaurant stop having its Sunday buffet? We liked to go after church.

Dorothy, Fort Worth

After 20 years, the Gardens needed to refresh its Sunday menu before springtime brings new visitors to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. The new menu starts in a few weeks, and the restaurant promises more variety, some healthy options and both breakfast and lunch dishes.


Hey, Bud! Another burger joint is coming to DFW, this one in my back yard. How does Bareburger rate compared to the others?

@AndyCoticchio on Twitter

Haven’t tried the New York-based chain coming to 1161 E. Southlake Blvd., in Park Village. The menu has more salads and greens than other burger grills plus 14 different burgers with a choice of beef, bison, elk, lamb, duck, quinoa or yam-rice patties. Eye-catchers include the Supreme, a bacon cheeseburger with ham and chopped french fries. Looking at photos, I’ll investigate the fried chicken sandwich and the onion rings. Will await readers’ reports.