B&B’s Schwab Challenge menu includes a $160 sandwich, also a beefy ‘Patterson burger’

If you’re looking for the best food at the Charles Schwab Challenge, play through to the No. 8 green or No. 12 tee.

On the north side of the course along the Clear Fork, B&B Butchers & Restaurant is serving some of its best bar menu items and a charity burger worth the stop.

B&B is the anchor of the Ultra Club, an elevated grill and bar with a view of several holes and the potential to create a second party scene away from No. 18.

The star of the Ultra Club is the Patterson Burger, a wagyu beef cheeseburger with onion strings on a custom New York-baked potato bun served over cottage fries ($18).

Ten percent of B&B sales for the weekend will be donated to the Gary Patterson Foundation, founded by TCU football Coach Gary Patterson, a B&B spokesperson said.

Another standout: a generous and fresh chilled lobster roll ($22).

There’s also an excellent $9 wagyu jumbo hot dog with beef from the Gearhart Ranch in Marfa.

The menu also includes familiar restaurant items such as “Chef Tommy [Elbashary]’s” bacon bites with crumbled blue cheese and trufle honey ($18) and a steak sandwich ($22).

B&B is also offering an item that might be Colonial’s most expensive ever: the A5 wagyu katsu sando, a Japanese sandwich of premium beef ($160).

(It’s luxurious, but I’d rather have nine Patterson Burgers.)

The Ultra Club also offers $2 off beers for 1 minute every time a golfer birdies the No. 8 hole, which happens about 15 times a day.

In the 1936 Grille, Jalisco-based Altos Tequila serves the new “official margarita” of Colonial, the “Purist.”

There’s also a Citi Cardmember Lounge for Citibank cardholders..

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