Looking for something to eat in Euless? There's a new burger joint in town

A spiced-up version of Hopdoddy Burger Bar's new breakfast burger, made with an Angus beef/breakfast sausage/ham patty, American cheese, scrambled eggs, potato hay and Applewood smoked bacon.
A spiced-up version of Hopdoddy Burger Bar's new breakfast burger, made with an Angus beef/breakfast sausage/ham patty, American cheese, scrambled eggs, potato hay and Applewood smoked bacon.

Austin-based Hopdoddy Burger Bar took its time getting to Tarrant County, but now that it's here, it's rolling things out quickly.

A Fort Worth location opened in 2017; a Southlake location is due this year.

In between, a Euless location officially opened Monday in the Glade Parks center — with a little bit of chutzpah, because the new Hopdoddy is a patty's throw away from a Five Guys Burgers & Fries that's also in the center.

Not that Hopdoddy needs to worry: The Fort Worth location can still get out-the-door lines despite being a short drive from home-grown favorites Rodeo Goat, Fred’s Texas Cafe, Magnolia Motor Lounge and M&O Station Grill, and fast-food spots In-N-Out and Wendy’s.

Here's a quick look at the Euless Hopdoddy from a preview late last week.

The vibe

Well, noisy. This isn't really that much of a problem at the tables, where it was possible to have a conversation despite the din of diners and the nonstop music, but the guy taking my order at the register had to ask me to repeat myself several times — and vice versa.

That was really the only glitch, though. The music didn't interfere with talk and in fact sometimes it was a struggle to hear it above the ambient noise, although songs by Stevie Ray Vaughan and U2 came through. Photos of musicians in concert and in portrait, from Willie Nelson to Austin- and Nashville-based up-and-comers, decorate the walls.

The food

The Glade Parks location is the first one in DFW to roll out several new menu items, including a few that I tried: The big-deal burger is a breakfast burger ($8, available all day) made with an Angus beef/ham/sausage patty, a scrambled egg "patty" impressively similar in circumference to the meat patty, American cheese and Applewood smoked bacon.

There is a "spice it" option where, for an extra buck, you can get it topped with chipotle aioli (instead of herb mayo) and habanero slices . I chose it, because that's how I roll, and let's just say those habanero slices meant business. The patty was flavorful, if a little dry when I tore a chunk off to taste it separately, but the sandwich as a whole works very well.

Also new: a couple of fry options, including Parmesan truffle fries and hot honey-and-sage sweet potato fries. The latter were served in a bowl meant for sharing (there were two forks even though I was dining solo, and with all that sticky honey, you will need those forks). The promised heat was there, although in a milder form than the habaneros, and the honey provided a pleasant sweetness. The sage is more subtle, not that that's a problem; the honey provides enough punch.

Several shake options are new: s'mores, bananas foster, vanilla birthday cake and a root beer malt with chopped-up Whoppers. The s'mores shake, served with large straw, had noticeable graham cracker crumbs and a strong marshmallow flavor in every sip.

A couple of cocktails are new (at 11:30 a.m., the bar was already hopping) and, as in Fort Worth, DFW breweries are represented among the beer selections.

The verdict

Like usual, Hopdoddy knows what it's doing, and that Five Guys (and a location of Chop House Burger across the freeway) aside, this area of Tarrant County isn't as burger-dense as, say, Fort Worth, so Hopdoddy is likely to do well in Glade Parks.

At this point, the upcoming Southlake location is the only other thing Hopoddy has planned for Tarrant, but we know a couple of other areas of town where a location would be welcome.

Hopdoddy Glade Parks is at 1200 Chisholm Trail, Building E1, Suite 101 in Euless. For updates, follow @hopdoddygladeparks on Facebook.