Ready to go ‘glamping’? At this Texas getaway ‘you feel like you’re living in the trees’

The cabins at Getaway have camp grounds around them.
The cabins at Getaway have camp grounds around them. Courtesy

Urbanites who want to escape the concrete jungle and enjoy some time immersed in nature away from texts, emails and phone calls have a new option that doesn’t require sleeping in a tent or going to the bathroom in an outhouse.

Getaway recently opened its first Texas location on 99 acres in LaRue, about two hours southeast of Fort Worth. Each campsite has a 140-square-foot cabin with air conditioning, beds, running water, bathrooms, showers and a kitchenette. All the beds are queen size and some cabins feature bunk beds so whole families can camp out.

Outside the cabin there are firepits and a grill grate for cookouts and campfires. Each cabin has a few chairs around it and a picnic table.

There are also provisions for purchase, including firewood and food staples.

“It allows us to experience nature year round,” said Amy Jacobowitz, head of content for Getaway.

Travel analyst Mark Murphy said this “glamping” phenomenon has been a hot trend for several years.

“You have all the things you want for a luxury travel experience,” Murphy said. “You’re out on your own enjoying the outdoors as part of it. You have your own space and feeling like you’re on the woods.”

Getaway started with locations outside Boston, New York and Washington D.C. but has quickly expanded this year to Atlanta, Portland, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Los Angeles and now Dallas.

Atlanta-area resident Sharon Jackson said she and her fiance visited the Getaway in Georgia when she was between jobs in July.

“We spent one night and just had an amazing literal getaway,” Jackson said. “This was a nice alternative because I didn’t have to figure out equipment and really the beauty of the Getaway is you don’t have to take anything with you.”

They cooked pasta and sauce with it — both were provided in the cabin. She went out there two more times over the summer, once for a few days by herself where she also hiked the Appalachian Trail and again with her fiance. They plan to go back in December for her birthday.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself,” Jackson said. “It’s so peaceful. There’s a huge window that just looks out into the woods. You feel like you’re just living in the trees.”

Getaway really encourages its guests to disconnect from their cellphones and put them in lockboxes so they can reconnect with nature, significant others or family.

“I didn’t look at emails,” Jackson said. “There’s nothing coming in, nothing coming at me. It takes a while for us city dwellers to remember how to unplug.”

Dogs are welcome, too, for an extra fee. They must be kept on a leash at all times.

The Texas location is in LaRue not too far from Lake Palestine and other recreational opportunities. There’s also a map of other nearby activities, grocery stores and other attractions.

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