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Ed Wallace

The Electrics

Ever since the newest generation of electric cars hit the market three years ago, it’s been tough to read the reviews on these models. Reviewers often add their personal speculation and bias, explaining why these alternative vehicles will fail and sum things up nicely with how impractical electrics are. While other articles about electrics often praise Tesla’s incredible range, styling, handling and success in the marketplace, yet turn around and trash the Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf as nothing more than super-expensive compact cars of limited capabilities. That doesn’t seem balanced on its face value.

Ed Wallace

We Have Free Markets

It’s a shame we believe in political parties, because they’re not something that occurs in the natural world. Ultimately the human race is divided into people who care about other people and those who don’t. Their subgroups are those who have a pragmatic view and common sense and those who don’t. And neither political party has a lock on any of these personality traits. Go to the extreme left or the extreme right and you’ll find lots of ideology, but little common sense or compassion. That’s why 70 percent of Americans live out their lives as centrists.

Ed Wallace

Ah, for the Good Old Days

There’s no better fool’s game than reminiscing about the past, remembering how things were simpler, and so much better than today. It’s foolish because we tend to remember how little things cost, but conveniently forget how little money we earned at the time. Or that technology has forever altered how we do our jobs and make our purchases.

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