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Ed Wallace

Pirate Radio

For British teens who fell in love with rock, the early Sixties were tough times. Their conservative government and liberal songwriters’ union had kept young Brits from even hearing the new youth oriented music genre that was sweeping the globe. The BBC wouldn’t cater to this rowdy generation, while the songwriters’ union had a rule in force that kept the BBC from playing any record more than once a day, regardless of its popularity.

Ed Wallace

For Whom the Tolls Toll

For more than a decade politicians, both state and national, have consistently failed the public in delivering proper maintenance for our highways and in building new ones. Our motoring population growth demands both, and that’s doubly true in our fastest growing cities. But, where once we all pitched in with our gasoline taxes to build HOV lanes — under the guise of reducing air pollution — now many of those lanes are being turned into mini toll roads for the small percentage of drivers to whom the daily tolls are trivial.

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