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Ed Wallace

Automotive Regulations

There’s a political movement sweeping the country, and it’s difficult to tell whether it’s gaining momentum or disappearing under its own weight as it should. It’s based on the conceit that all big government is bad, all rules and regulations are unnecessary, and everything would be better if somehow most of our government had never existed. This mindset can be found in Austin, who insist that Texas sovereignty is superior to the nation’s; at the same time, some individuals do not believe our local communities have the right to pass laws and ordinances for cities’ benefit. The irony is that these people want to be the ultimate and total power in everything — by denying any other entity any power at all. And they sell it as more freedom for everyone. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.

Ed Wallace

CSI: Customer Satisfaction Investigation

Costa Mesa, Calif., next door to the better-known Newport Beach, is home to South Coast Subaru. So why is a Subaru dealer of no real consequence, 1,400 miles west of the Metroplex, of any importance to you today? It’s a current object lesson on why the Internet, as often as not, can lead shoppers astray.

Ed Wallace

2015 One Month In

What single item does more to change the Consumer Confidence Index than any other thing that families across America have to buy? The price of gasoline. If you doubt that, Google “consumer confidence survey by year.” You’ll find the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, published at the website of Advisors Perspectives, and there you can take a walk down the memory lane of our economy’s highs and lows.

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