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Auto News

Ed Wallace

A Change is Gonna Come

It was nearly seven years ago when former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and a couple of journalists, including myself, were having lunch in Arlington and talking about the future of automobiles. While the world press would soon be repeating Lutz’s famed "Global warming is a crock of s%^#" comment from that afternoon at Cacharel, what interested me was his take on the future of batteries for electric cars.

G. Chambers Williams

2015 Lexus GX460

Lexus rolled out the second generation of its midsize, seven-passenger GX sport utility vehicle for 2010, and just last year, it got a minor restyling, including the new Lexus spindle grille, and a few other changes.

Ed Wallace

The Circle of (Management) Life

How quickly we forget our recent business history. Only five to six years ago, the business media reported that the only way Detroit could save itself was to dump insiders who had risen through the ranks of the auto industry, because their corporate mindset was part of the cancer destroying the Big Three from within. Bob Nardelli of Cerberus, a man who knew nothing about automobiles or large-scale consumer manufacturing, pundits declared to be the smartest move to save Chrysler. Similarly, they thought Ed Whitacre of AT&T could resurrect what had once been the great General Motors.

Emma Jayne Williams

For model year 2014, the Hyundai Elantra compact sedan includes lots of design upgrades

For model year 2014, the Hyundai Elantra compact sedan includes lots of design upgrades and a new Sport trim featuring a more powerful gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine.According to Hyundai, more than 75 major sub-systems have been redesigned or added. Extensive technology upgrades enhance handling for the entire Elantra lineup, and all models receive all-new front and rear exterior designs and interior upgrades.

Ed Wallace

Our Energy Future

The first day of September was one strange morning in the oil and gasoline futures market. Prices of both commodities fell dramatically, and gasoline prices were in collapse from the previous day’s prices; when you post pricing every day, you really notice it when prices move big. But something really odd happened that morning: I posted the prices around 5:30 a.m., and 30 minutes later half the previous day’s price declines were nearly wiped out.

Ed Wallace

Missing the Obvious

During the election cycle of 1980, former Fort Worth Pontiac Honda dealer Bill McDavid was standing on the showroom floor watching the evening news with a group of his salesmen, me included. McDavid, a Texas original, had an expansive, boisterous and oversized personality — not a caricature of a Texan, but the real thing. More to the point, his personality just drew you in; and if Bill liked you then you could do no wrong, but if he didn’t you might as well move someplace else. He was, in a word, great.

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