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Ed Wallace

The Accident

Any time an automobile accident takes a human life, it’s a tragedy. But given the millions of vehicles on America’s roads, it’s amazing that barely over one person dies for every 100 million miles we drive. It’s not the same in every state, of course; for 2013 the Texas fatality rate was 1.42, while Minnesota’s came in at just 0.68. And, since people buy the same vehicles in every state, the blame for different fatality statistics generally falls on the state’s roads, drivers and speed.

Ed Wallace

And the Survey Says ...

For years we’ve been told that the Internet and the era of consumer electronics was going to change everything — from the ways in which people buy automobiles to, dare it be said, whether they even need an automobile at all. Considering the increasingly congested highways most travel every workday, combined with increasingly prevalent high-speed Internet connections, it seems like telecommuting should have become more of a thing long ago. But, sadly, even for those whose jobs would make it practical, many companies believe that “unless we can see you, you aren’t working.”

Ed Wallace

‘Don’t Have to Sell to You’

It would be wonderful to say that racism and discrimination didn’t exist in America. After all in new car showrooms the goal is to sell as many vehicles as possible in order to make a decent living. You just can’t do that if you’re refusing to talk to certain people because you don’t agree with their views, race or position in the world.

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