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Auto News

Ed Wallace

2015: A New Beginning

One of the great joys of working in the auto industry is always the last week of December. That’s when Americans by the hundreds of thousands rush in to buy a new vehicle before the next year begins. Yet over the past decade what was already the industry’s most incredible sales week has gone on steroids: Friday, Jan. 2, Classic Chevrolet sold around 140 new vehicles that day alone, for 763 new and 1,100 total retail sales including used cars. Over in the eastern part of the Metroplex, Sewell Lexus of Dallas sold 700 new cars for the month and 1,127 total new and used. True, most don’t sell such numbers, but overall it was again an extremely enjoyable week to be in the auto industry.

Ed Wallace

China: The Year of “What the Heck?”

It’s tough for the business media to cover the China miracle of the past 30 years, at least the automotive industry’s part in it. Part of the miracle is that the Chinese people — after enduring centuries of serfdom and rule by warlords, foreign gunships enforcing international trade, corrupt governments, Japanese conquerors, and then decades under the harsh rule of communism — have finally entered the age of a state-controlled economy, in which their middle class is now larger than America’s entire population.

Ed Wallace

Year of the Jeep

The winner of 2014’s car sales in America has not been the new Mustang or the new full-sized SUVs from General Motors, or even the new midsized pickup trucks at Chevy and GMC. No, without a doubt the biggest increase in sales in the automotive market this past year belonged to Jeep: With sales up an astonishing 41 percent for the year, the brand was responsible for almost 25 percent of the total increase in U.S. car sales.

Emma Jayne Williams

2015.5 Volvo XC60 T6 Drive-E

The already stylish, best-selling XC60 compact crossover was restyled in 2013, and now the 2015 models offer two choices from the all-new four-cylinder gasoline Drive-E engine family: the turbocharged and supercharged 306-horsepower T6, and the turbocharged 245-horsepower T5.

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