Mac Engel

Ezekiel Elliott’s Snapchat shooter sets back women’s causes

While the Dallas Wings’ WNBA team prepared for its first season in Arlington and the LPGA’s annual stop in North Texas was nearing its conclusion, a cute brunette announced to the world that she was with a Dallas Cowboy.

That’s a big get for Girl Power.

Women want respect and equal pay. Then, these things happen to diminish those efforts. Of those three “sports stories,” which do you think generated the most attention?

Welcome to the NFL, Ezekiel Elliott — you just got “Snapchatted” by a young woman whose regret will only increase.

It’s pathetic and yet completely accepted by our culture.

The woman took the clichéd selfie photo in bed, with Elliott visibly asleep over her left shoulder. It appears as if she is wearing an Ole Miss T-shirt, rather than a shirt of her likely alma mater — Harvard.

For the uninitiated, while it might not be something out of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel, this sort of online activity is very much a thing now.

What needs to be added to the list of items covered at the NFL’s rookie symposium is proper hookup etiquette: Fellas, confiscate all phones until the evening is complete. If teachers are taking phones before class, guys should be doing the same until their “class” is over.

This happened to Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, Florida Panthers forward Jaromir Jagr and Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Nothing happens to the guys, but the girls are usually left with a pile of regret. Welcome to Double Standards 101.

The caption on the viral photo reads: “Dallas Cowboys newest running back Ezekiel Elliott” along with three smiley-face emojis.

Don’t think this won’t come up in couples counseling.

Tasteless one-liners aside, girls, please stop this self-degradation. Announcing to the world that you were another nameless notch is not a virtue. By now, we know there is no “erase” on the Internet; it’s merely a matter of discovery.

This is not an accomplishment. Yet to so many, there is a bigger reason to celebrate this than actual achievement.

It’s not perfect, but we live in a time of greater gender equality than ever before. We are on the precipice of a woman earning one of this country’s two major political party nominations for President of the United States and yet Social Media Tramp is still considered on the same level as Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton or WNBA player Skylar Diggins.

Even on Monday, it was reported that Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer’s potential golden parachute severance package would be worth around $72 million; that’s the type of figure her male fat cat executive counterparts routinely cash out.

Yet to be the girl who “hooked up” with a prominent entertainer or jock is still, in too many circles, considered an equal accomplishment.

And it’s not just men keeping this reality alive and well; there is a fair amount of hero worship and insane jealousy that comes with these Snapchat shots. Other women want to be them because it means insta-fame.

These are consenting adults and it’s their business, but this picture is worth 1,000 words. Had she shown just a bit of cleavage it could have been worth $10,000.

As a dad with a daughter in the first grade, it makes me sick that there are so many women who validate their self-worth through the approval of a man.

What we ought to be teaching and instilling in our daughters is that self-worth comes not from the approval of a hookup with the popular guy, but actual achievement and production.

You are free to hate Hillary Clinton for political reasons, but to adopt a Trumpian-take that she is where she is only because she is a female is myopic.

You are free to sports hate Serena Williams because she is a brat on the court, but she’s a bad-ass tennis player who crushes her opponents.

You are free to ignore Skylar Diggins because she plays a sport you don’t care to watch, but she is one of the best in the game.

All of these women, and so many more, achieved something that merits distinction and recognition. They actually accomplished something.

The random woman who took a bedroom Snapchat with Ezekiel Elliott will soon be forgotten.

Which one do you want to be?

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