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Heath hurting for friend, former teammate Hurns after injury. ‘It was not intentional’

Miami Dolphins receiver Allen Hurns may just want to skip any more events at AT&T Stadium for the rest of his life.

That includes football games, Taylor Swift concerts, motocross, basketball games or anything else at Jerry’s Club.

The former Cowboys receiver has suffered major injuries in each of his last two games in Arlington.

With 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter of the Cowboys’ 31-6 win over the Dolphins on Sunday, Cowboys safety Jeff Heath went for an interception but collided with Hurns near midfield.

Hurns dropped immediately to the turf, which is when Heath noticed he nearly knocked out his friend and former teammate.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it, especially because it’s him,” Heath said. “We were close. He was my locker mate at The Star. I’m good friends with him. I hate to see any player get injured like that, but especially because it’s him.”

Hurns played for the Cowboys last season and was a well-liked teammate. He suffered a dislocated knee and fractured his ankle, almost at the same spot on the field, in the Cowboys’ playoff win against the Seattle Seahawks in January.

The Cowboys released him in July. Shortly thereafter he signed with the Dolphins.

When he sustained the hit on Sunday, he went down and the immediate reaction was eerily similar to his injury against the Seahawks. Much like that day in January, immediately the Cowboys’ video board stopped playing anything, and the entire place fell still.

Many of the Cowboys players took a knee. Heath went over and spoke to Hurns as he was being tended to by the Dolphins’ training staff.

“I’m just praying for him. I wanted him to know it was not intentional,” Heath said. “That’s what I said to him once he sat up. I’ll call him or text him tonight. We are out here and playing hard and trying to win, but at the end of the day the game is over and we go home to our families.

“And when our career is over we have long lives after this. I never want to injure anybody.”

Hurns gave Heath a little nod. Hurns was then helped off the field, and was ruled out shortly thereafter with a concussion.

No penalty was called, nor should a flag have been thrown. It was a clean, unfortunate, hit.

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