Mac Engel

Matt Wells hasn’t coached a game at Texas Tech, but his job has already gotten tougher

Do not believe the lies, Texas Tech fans, for your football team can do it, too.

For years we have been told how hard it is to recruit to Lubbock, when the 2018-’19 academic year officially disproves that plausible, but ultimately weak, excuse.

Matt Wells, there is no reason why the Red Raiders can’t win big in football. Every other big sport at Tech has.

The Red Raiders are in the midst of concluding one of their more remarkable seasons in the modern era that should forever change how the world the sees sports in the West Texas plains.

The men’s basketball team was but seconds away from winning a national title; Big 12 player of the year Jarrett Culver was an NBA lottery pick this week.

The baseball team went deep in the College World Series, nearly making it to the final series in Omaha; third baseman Josh Jung was the eighth overall pick in the 2019 MLB draft by the Texas Rangers.

The men’s track and field team won the national championship.

All of this makes Kliff Kingsbury look ... just good enough to be named the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Credit to the players and the entire staffs at Tech for debunking the theory that beating the biggest brands in college sports was a noble goal, and ultimately just not quite realistic.

All that remains for Texas Tech is to bag that big date with Beyonce.

All that remains for the Red Raiders is to nail down free ribeye steaks for a year.

All that remains for Texas Tech is to do what it was doing in football under Mike Leach.

You know, some might argue they should never have fired The Pirate, but ... that decision is quite done.

All Matt Wells has to do is come close to the success of Leach, whose teams were never that good, but they beat up bad teams, and every so often pushed an Oklahoma or Texas to the edge. They were always a threat, and they were never boring.

Like any new head coach, Wells will have a grace period where he can go 5-7 once, or possibly twice.

What he can’t do is putter along the way Coach Bro’ did. There is no reason. There is no reason why the Red Raiders can’t flirt with making a run at the top of the Big 12, or the BCS Plus 2 playoff scam.

What baseball coach Tim Tadlock, basketball coach Chris Beard and all of the Red Raider programs that thrived this year did was to demonstrate everything is possible in Lubbock.

Matt Wells, you’re job just got a bit harder, but it can be done.


Dallas Mavericks president Donnie Nelson said before the NBA draft that the team was in a good spot to pick at 37th. Of course, he drafted a Euro, dealt him, and then grabbed some guy from Nebraska you have never heard of at 45. It’s simply a requirement the Mavs draft a foreign kid.

The Ballpark in Arlington remains one of the better places in MLB to see a game.

NBA free agency has essentially already begun and while Al Horford of the Boston Celtics would fit nicely with the Mavericks, because he doesn’t need the ball, don’t expect him to sign here. The fourth year he craves is not something the Mavs are apt to give to a power forward who just turned 33.

After I wrote about the Texas Rangers’ ranking 16th in MLB attendance this week, despite a good record, my friend Gary Gibson emailed me to add this to the list of reasons to explain the figure: “Adding traffic congestion to the cost is probably another reason for low attendance.”

He’s right. The only “good time” to drive any more around here is from about 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Shoutout to my friend, 105.3 The Fan morning host Shan Shariff who popped the question on Friday to his girlfriend on air. Amanda said yes, but this was a tremendous opportunity missed.

It would have made for a better radio segment had she not said anything; just awkward silence followed by a commercial break that led into the next show. They could have dragged this out until Monday to at least kill a few segments and give what Shan craves more than air: Ratings.

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