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Big Mac Bites: We don’t know how good we have it with Razor Reaugh

Stars rookie Roope Hintz said another fast start needed in Game 3

Dallas Stars rookie left wing Roope Hintz, who had two goals in Saturday's Game 2 win, said another fast start is needed in Game 3 Monday in Dallas.
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Dallas Stars rookie left wing Roope Hintz, who had two goals in Saturday's Game 2 win, said another fast start is needed in Game 3 Monday in Dallas.

Daryl Reaugh will hate this with every fiber of his being, which makes this slightly rewarding, and that he deserves to hear it.

Of the many great announcers who spoil us in DFW, Razor is as good as any we’ve had, or ever will have. If there is a better analyst in hockey, put them against Razor. Razor wins.

The young man stands on his head every game.

“I filled in for Razor a few years ago with (former play-by-play man) Ralph Strangis and I think I know hockey,” veteran DFW radio personality and currently Dallas Mavericks play-by-play man Chuck Cooperstein said.

It’s true. Chuck knows hockey, and every other sport, including lawn darts.

“What Daryl does is incredibly hard,” Coop’ said, “and he lives it every game.”

Because the Dallas Stars are in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the exclusive TV rights go to the national carriers, meaning Razor can only be heard on the radio.

Turn up the radio, and turn down the TV.

Razor likely could have gone to a national outlet years ago, but he’s remained loyal to the Stars and the Stars loyal to him. Players are the most important element to selling a local professional sports brand but, in the case of the Stars, some broadcasters can be a close second.

The viewer/listener can only absorb what Razor delivers, but what they can’t see is the amount of preparation he puts into a telecast. I covered the team for a few years, and the man keeps copious notes, reads everything, talks to players, coaches, GMs, and is a stickler for professionalism.

“He knows the league, so he gives you a much broader perspective of the Stars relative to the NHL,” Coop’ said.

To provide the type of analysis Razor provides, rather than just typical “Both teams need to bring their A game” blah rhetoric takes time. The type of time a lot of people who prefer to spend doing other things.

A job in sports broadcasting/sports journalism is fun, and it is also work. Work is a four-letter word for a reason. Razor takes the job portion just as serious as he did when he goalie, which by now is a long, long, long time ago.

If Razor praises your work, you aced the SATs on the back nine at Augusta in Game 7 of the Super Bowl as smoke puffs from the Vatican chimney. I was sitting next to him in a Montreal restaurant when he paid me a compliment, and 17 years later I can still remember it.

“Razor excels because he does what an analyst should, he explains to the viewer why a player is or is not having success,” Dallas Mavericks voice Mark Followill said. “But does it with unique insight, a passion for the game and broadcasting and, a no pun intended, razor sharp wit that is evident in everything from clever sayings to his prodigious vocabulary.”

One other element to Razor that viewers only moderately know: His sense of humor and wit are sharper off camera than on.

Some broadcasters fake their enthusiasm for the sport, mostly because they simply have seen too many games. The state of hockey matters to Razor. He may be sarcastic, but his passion is sincere.

Razor has been with us since the 1996-97 season, and he long ago reached that point where the viewer simply expects him to be there for the next game, and to teach us something we did not know before, so we take him for granted.

We shouldn’t. We don’t know how good we have it with Razor.

President Donald J. Trump will meet the Baylor women’s national championship basketball team at the White House on April 29. Never have I looked forward to a sports team meeting a President, and the speech. We all must hope the POTUS strays from the script.

Jim emailed me this week and said, “You get more stupid by the day. You are the worst.”

Don’t forget that the documentary on the life and career of former Dunbar boys’ basketball coach Robert Hughes will premiere on Thursday, May 2 at the Fort Worth Modern Museum of Art. Hughes’ former player, Michael Byars, financed and completed this worthy project himself.

You can buy tickets at

I kept the official book for my daughter’s 10U softball game, which ended in a tie. Time of the game, 90 minutes; 1 hit, two balls in play, 18 combined runs. Every runner but one reached via a walk, or hit batter. Not a big deal; I covered the Jerry Narron years of the Texas Rangers.

Looking at the NBA standings, and playoffs, and I have no idea how the Dallas Mavericks make the postseason next year. Even if The Luka and Zingis play 76 games together, the Mavs need so much more help before they can contend for the eighth seed.

The Texas Rangers are one of the best teams in MLB at home, the perfect time to move out. The Rangers have 10 wins at The Ballpark in Arlington, which makes them one of three clubs to have double digit wins at home. Now ... about that road record.

I conducted a Twitter poll this week on what is more important in building a team: Culture, or Process. Culture won. I no longer know what either word means, but you will see that either can work in countless situations. For instance, “You have a terrible process of using the bathroom which has damaged the culture of the house.”

Errol Spence won’t fight Manny Pacquiao in his next bout but rather Shawn Porter. It’s not the fight we want, which is Terrance Crawford; it’s not the fight Spence wants, which is Pacman because it’s more money. Other than that, good job, boxing.

A reader asked me, “Matt, what is the Rangers won-loss record since Nolan Ryan was dismissed from the team?”

Ryan left after the ‘13 season, and the Rangers are 407-428 since then. Please note the record does not include the result of the Rangers game on Saturday in Seattle, which potentially changes everything.


- Matt

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