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Greatest Cowboy of all-time shares his thoughts on whether Dak should get big contract

As Danny White, Troy Aikman, and Tony Romo can all attest, becoming the King of England is more attainable than the standard established by Roger Staubach.

Dak Prescott, you’re up. Just be perfect and you might have a shot.

Roger never set out to do any of this, but Mr. Staubach remains the greatest Dallas Cowboy of all time, and the man for whom all successors are measured. No pro athlete left a bigger footprint on the American southwest more than Roger Staubach, and he keeps actively expanding his legacy despite his advancing years.

On Monday, the Cowboys unveiled their latest non-football venture designed to make money; this time, high-end condo living spaces at The Star, which is named “The Twelve.”

No, that’s not the number of people who can afford those condos.

Twelve is Staubach’s jersey number.

Roger is 77, and even though there are more Cowboys fans who never saw him play than did, his voice is to be trusted more than any other. Know this, he is a fan of Dak Prescott.

“I think Dak is a really good player and he’s going to get a big contract,” Staubach said.

Staubach has some thoughts as to why Dak will get said big contract, but before that he wants you to know why he likes the man.

“I met and talked with Dak a couple of times. I shared some thoughts (with him),” Staubach said. “Dak, people don’t realize, how much his teammates respect and like him. As a quarterback, you have to get your teammates behind you.

“You can have all the confidence in yourself but you have to be able to transfer it to your teammates and Dak has got that. His teammates love him.”

Indeed. One of Dak’s greatest strengths as evaluated by the Cowboys is the respect and admiration he has from his teammates. For Jerry, that’s a reason to pay him.

“I like Dak myself and I’m surprised ... when I read in the paper there is criticism,” Staubach said. “There is more criticism than I think he deserves. I think he’s a really good football player. This is a big year for him.”

About that.

You may not have heard but Dak is entering the final year of his rookie contract. He is due a large extension that makes some fans/observers nervous that the team handing Dak an Aaron Rodgers-like extension without having demonstrated he can make Aaron Rodgers-like passes.

In 2018, Rodgers signed a contract with more than $100 million guaranteed. Dak may not get that type of money, but the deal will be a giant, and tie up much of the Cowboys’ salary cap.

FWIW: Roger said the most he made was $230,000. Maybe, he said, it was $250,000. The NFL rookie minimum contract today is $480,000.

I asked Roger if he understands why fans are sweating this type of a decision, and commitment.

“It varies about who people feel about that,” he said. “The fact is that it’s the league and it’s not just the franchise. If you don’t do it, someone else might do it. The franchise tag doesn’t last very long. I think it’s tough right now if you are running a team with the pay scale right now. The whole thing is difficult; if I was running a team, it would drive me crazy.”

Doesn’t seem to bother Jerry Jones, who runs the team. Of course, nothing ever seems to bother Jerry. And he is the one who is all-in on Dak.

Jerry’s ability as an evaluator makes a sane person nervous, but at least on this one he has the blessing of the most trusted voice in the history of the franchise.

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