Mac Engel

If you were hoping to see the XFL in DFW, we’ve got some good news

Fort Worth-Dallas will soon have a new pro football team.

The re-launching XFL briefly announced its list of new franchise cities, and Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the eight. “Briefly” because the league accidentally sent out a list of the new franchise cities, and then pulled it down.

Before the list could be removed, however, a site called WrestleZone captured an image.

The other seven cities to have teams are Houston, L.A., Seattle, Washington D.C., Tampa, New York and St. Louis. No other information about the league was provided.

The XFL is scheduled to announce more details for the league’s launch this week at press conference in New Jersey. League play is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020.

The XFL is owned by World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon.

The first time the XFL existed, in 2001, it died a fast and embarrassing, death.

The league featured eight teams with mostly unknown players in two conferences; Texas did not have a team.

The league played one season before folding.

After an initial surge of interest, and despite having its games broadcasted on NBC, fans showed no interest in a product that felt more like WWE wrestling schtick than football.

ESPN produced an entertaining documentary as part of its “30 for 30” franchise on the short-lived league titled, “This Was The XFL.”

McMahon desperately wanted the league to work, and nearly 20 years after its death the XFL is back and it’s coming to DFW.

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