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World Cup: Mexico's match what helps make America great. Not 'Again.' Just great.

Mexico v Brazil from La Gran Plaza

Watching Mexico's World Cup match against Brazil from La Gran Plaza in Fort Worth
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Watching Mexico's World Cup match against Brazil from La Gran Plaza in Fort Worth

Add to your sports bucket list watching the Mexican National Team play a World Cup game when you are the only gringo in a crowded Mexican sports bar/restaurant at nine in the morning on a weekday.

On Monday morning at La Gran Plaza in South Fort Worth, I drug the fam' to watch Mexico's round of 16 World Cup match against Brazil. A few honkeys surrounded by Mexican-Americans, and precisely no one cared.

Small gatherings like the one at La Gran Plaza are what helps make America great. Not again. Just great.

As the lone male honkey, I didn't check for any papers; I didn't care. People were polite, inviting, and celebratory. It was too much fun to watch them, or the accompanying Mariachis, as they held their collective breath following their favorite team.

The mission was simple: To capture on film, and to experience, the madness of watching and celebrating Mexico score in one of these World Cup matches. Credit me for Mexico's crash in its final two matches in this World Cup; both matches I watched at La Gran Plaza, Mexico was outscored 5-0.

Disappointing, and yet, great fun. And this is exactly why "Building a Wall" bothers me on a, selfish, fundamental, American level.

Forget for a minute the economic impact of building an actual wall on the American-Mexican border, which we will pay for in full. Forget, for minute, the concept of gutting immigration; as my 85-year-old father, who for 38 years help run a large company, told me, "Son, if we don't have immigration and new people replacing the dying population and buying stuffs our economy is going to have real problems."

My dad, who grew up in New York City during The Depression, is not exactly Mr. Left. He is Mr. Right, and on this point he is always right.

As antiquated and out-dated as the philosophies regarding immigration as written by the Founding Fathers are, and reform is a necessity, we can't gut what makes our home so unique and ultimately both enviable and wonderful.

A portion of that was in full effect on Monday morning at La Gran Plaza.

As someone who has been fortunate to travel to many spots all over the world, easy access to a variety of cultures and people within a short drive is virtually impossible anywhere else but America.

Immigration is sticky, and there is no exact formula to maintain what is an economic necessity for our nation.

I am all for immigrants working and embracing American culture, especially our language, but we should all desire for the complexities, diversity and variation that comes via imports.

That's what makes America great. Not again. Just great.