Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones said a prayer when Tony Romo went down

Football and prayer went hand-in-hand during the Dallas Cowboys preseason game at Seattle Thursday night.

Less than 2 minutes into the gane, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo appeared to injure his back on a tackle by Cliff Avril.

On the third play of the game, Romo began to scramble then made a move to slide down when he was hit from behind Avril and landed awkwardly on the tackle. He stayed on the ground for a while holding his back. He left the game at the 13:23 mark and was replaced by Dak Prescott.

“I was in shock. I had my mind on ‘come on Tony get up’. I said a few prayers right then and there on the spot,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told TV broadcasters during the third quarter.

While on the sideline, the team physicians appeared to be working on his back. He was later seen doing stretching exercises on the sideline. However, he placed a baseball cap on his head and never returned to the game.

“He was OK on the sideline immediately. He is not injured,” Jones said. “He was fit to be tied to get back in. It was the coach’s decision.

“There was no reason to put him back in the ballgame.”

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